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Old news, but where do you stand on the "Lena Dunham did/did not molest her younger sister" thing? I just did some research on it in earnest and what's really disturbing to me is how journalists have defended her. There are articles on Slate and HuffPo saying she did nothing wrong but the comments by and large argue otherwise. It's kinda fucking scary the way media attempts to shape interpretation of events rather than simply presenting the facts themselves, I dunno.

No you’re totally right, media bias worries the fuck out of me. And I don’t know how anyone could see the Lena Dunham thing as anything other than molestation. She straight up talked about what she did and it’s creepy as hell. I’m not going to call it a gender thing because celebrities just…get away with that shit? Look at Bill Cosby, I bet people are still trying to defend him. 

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