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Tumblr Tuesday: Pride 2014

Uprising of Love
When Russia’s failure to protect its LGBTQ community has got you down, uprise with love.

Just one individual who represents the most supportive type of human known to mankind, the not-so-elusive PFLAG Mom.

Freedom to Marry
No one should be an outlier when it comes to love.

Progressive news stories with a positive spin. Because sometimes things are actually nice, you know?

LGBT Laughs
Humor by the community, for the community, and curated by one person who may or may not be a dragon.

Photo via Freedom to Marry

i was at my mom’s house today helping her pack for moving. as we were sorting through jewelry, she pulled out the family engagement ring and said “if you were ever going to propose to abbey….you can have this ring.”

my mother is trying to get me to propose to my lesbian girlfriend using our generations-old family ring.. YOU GUYS.


LGBTQ* Tumblrs We Wanted To Share

PFLAG Mom and a word cloud describing how she felt when her son came out as Trans*

Lovely Tumblr Family and Friends,

If you are not familiar with PFLAG Mom on Tumblr, I highly recommend you check out her blog. She is a phenomenal ally voice and offers wonderful insight outside of the teen/twenty-something bubble. She is also a constant source of inspiration, passionate dialogues, compassionate love, thoughtful opinions, and acts as an all-inclusive educator.

The KNOWhomo team knows the importance of allies and the community of PFLAG. Tell her hello and feel free to mention that we shared her information with you. We consider her family.



ourmindmechanic  asked:

PFLAG Mom never heard of this term, could u explain ? thanks in anticipation bru

There are a couple of definitions out there. The stereotype is of the “overly enthusiastic” moms of gay kids who border on embarrassing (ok, sometimes they go off the edge!)  People with homophobic and rejecting parents often long for a “PFLAG mom” but people with PFLAG moms sometimes wish their moms would be a bit quieter about their acceptance. The term became popular with Debbie, the PFLAG mom in Queer as Folk. I may have a lot of equality and rainbow themed buttons but I do NOT wear them on a VEST!  I have marched in more than one Pride parades however.

I acquired  the label after I  founded the first (and only) PFLAG group within 100+ miles of our town, and my son started the first GSA at his high school.  I have kept the label because there is some truth to it. I know my son - and my straight cis- daughter - have been embarrassed by my outspokenness on more than one occasion. 

What it means in reality is a supportive parent (there are plenty of PFLAG Dads out there too!) who is a member of Parents Family &  Friends of Lesbians and Gays. I’ll add some photos to give you an idea of what people generally mean when they call someone a “PFLAG mom”. In addition, we  will often be a surrogate mom to queer kids rejected by their own parents.

NOT a picture of me!  


Q&As with my mum! 2014 edition!

I feel so lucky to have her as my mum and to have made our relationship what it is now <3

Dear Tumblrs: I think about you all the time but have been so busy with my classes and work that I’ve not had time to post things. I’m working with our university’s GSA to convince the administration to support a LGBTQ Resource Center. And to get gender neutral housing.  So I’m still here for questions- I’ll get to them as soon as I can. Will be back when I can.

thank you Tumblr

Dear 510 followers: thank you for letting me take up room on your dash. I appreciate you allowing me a forum - I started doing this thinking I would be talking to myself. I like this better :)

If you ever want to contact me on email, or if you want to have your parents/family talk to me (I think of this as an on-line PFLAG group) I can be reached at:



Hormones: Day 96, February 26th, 2014

Month 4, Week 14

Went to a PFLAG meeting for the first time in a while. Well, I say PFLAG. It’s associated with PFLAG. I think. My mom found it and insisted that I go so I really have no idea, but people there are pretty chill.


Like I said, first time in a month. And nobody recognized me until I actually pointed out who I was. Apparently I looked kinda familiar, but what really reminded people of who I was was the amount of snark and sass that I apparently emanate constantly.

Nice to know that my snark is the major impression I leave on people. I’m pretty happy about that.