(✿づ◠‿◠)づ  TOO CUTE

totallycraig  asked:

omg ur tags r always like "humans are adorable" n stuff so I'm abt 70% certain u are truly an alien who joined tumblr to observe people n gather information. or something.

*alien gasp* i’ve been discovered!!

anonymous asked:

what so you don't need proof to accept accusations but want it for corrections? idk maybe you shouldnt blindly post any thing anons send you as the truth and maybe then ppl wouldnt send you corrections. idk i mean maybe you should understand how rumormorging in bad and can ruin lives an all. idk seems like something you should care about since this is the stuff that gets ppl dead. thought you cared about ppl dying

Dude what are you even.

rumormorging “ sounds like an onomatopeia in a furry vore comic and not a real word.

Also yes, calling people terfs definitely gets them dead (pfft,I wish.). That is definitely a real fact about a thing that happens