As a joke me and some discord pals did this random picker thing to make a character, we used the palette challenge and grabbed like… 10? Then once we had an palette we used the picker for clothes. So basically I got….
*broken, bandages, scarf, sweater, pants, socks, object.
Its also a joke that someone said “YOU GOT MINTO COLORS!” so his name became mino x’D

kiyoshipuff  asked:

Skrill can i do some like ehm fusions with your charathers? I mean if is ok with it?

it’s no prob
but seriously guys I told you multiple times, u can do anything u want, SFW and NSFW fan arts (no NSFW of me or my fursona tho), cosplays, handmade stuff, fanfictions (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I REALLY LOVE THESE), voice acting, roleplaying, songs (PFFT I WISH), etc, don’t worry!!!!

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Omg you're 15? I'm 10 years older than you! Haha o_o' fandoms friendships are amazing <3

ye ye, i’m pretty young but i’m surprised people thought i was older?? like 17 or smthg pFFT i wish-

The Love Square: Chapter 7

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Ladynoir

Summary: She wasn’t sure when she’d starting falling for her partner, but the revelation one day made Marinette extremely uncomfortable.

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six

Note: So here it is! The final chapter…ish. There’s a strong possibility of there being some sort of epilogue thing afterwards but at least now that the main story is out of the way I can focus on writing other ML content which I’m super excited about! But enough rambling - there’s been seven chapters of it. I hope you enjoy this, and thanks for all the people who have read it and liked it!

Also a special thanks to my beta (ish) reader @mylifeinmanymoments who just started using tumblr again.

Plagg watched incredulously as his charge walked out of the room, leaving a heartbroken looking Ladybug standing in the middle of the room. The transformation undid, leaving an equally heartbroken looking Marinette, eyes filling quickly with tears, and an angry looking Tikki floating next to her. The look the ladybug kwami was giving him conveyed enough for him to know he needed to catch up to Adrien right away.    

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for the asks, 3 and 9?

Hello there! ^^ I will gladly answer these! I posted two different ask posts yesterday and I don’t know which one you’re asking for, so I’ll answer both, ok? :)

3: Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys? Honestly, I don’t have a preference. Being friends with either gender is awesome :) Each has it’s respective perks, true, but I just like to be friends with people in general.

9: Do you wear jeans or sweats more? Definitely jeans, though in winter, I will always be wearing sweats inside my house xD

Now for the other one

3: List your fandoms and a character from each that you identify with.

SVTFOE: Marco (He’s the character I identify with the most because of his physical features, his Mexican heritage, his gentle and kind nature, and his insecurities)

9: Are you an artist? pfft I wish! xD I cannot draw to save my life, but I am a huge fan of artists here on tumblr :) I like to think I am quite creative, but I just haven’t had the opportunity to show it.


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*Casually goes to the UF SDCC*

Pfft I fucking wish. Honestly though I would love to have a table at a con one day, just to sell art and stuff and meet any UF fans that might be there. Alas, maybe someday when I’m out of college and have more time to travel. 

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pfft I wish I had your amount of chill re: Jensen bashing destiel

Lol! Yeah, but you have to consider that I haven’t properly watched the show since, what, the ending of season 9? So that’s like almost three years since I decided “to hell with canon, this is never going anywhere”. 

It’s not like I woke up one morning and suddenly thought “you know what, I just don’t care anymore”. :p For a while I was still hella frustrated and even blacklisted things related to the show because it annoyed the crap out of me. 

But that was years ago, I’ve been happily living in fanon world for ages now, so it just doesn’t affect me anymore (aside from seeing fellow friends and mutuals on my dash upset, of course I do hate that, because rumor has it that I do have a heart, somewhere.) 

And I totally get why people are disappointed (even though again, PR isn’t showrunning), because had I still been invested in canon SPN, then at this moment I’d probably be just as ticked off as the rest of you, going all





But I pretty much left canon behind in the garbage bin three seasons ago, and I simply cannot be arsed. :p 

What Happens in Vegas (pt.2)

Well thanks for all the super positive response and feedback on the first one.
Guess ya’ll liked it - so here’s part 2
Again, if you like it let me know, so I know whether to continue with this story.

Note: I think I’ve decided there will be a (pt. 2.5) - which will be a sex situation that continues on from the end of this part, but wont effect the story - and a (pt.3) that will continue the story on from the end of this one.
That way, for those of you who aren’t smut fans, the story wont be impacted and you can skip 2.5 and pick the story right back up in3

Focus: The Sidemen (+ friends) Vegas crew
Warnings: A bit of swearing
Storyline: You finally get your chance to meet most of the Sidemen in Vegas, but will it be everything you imagined

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