pfft genius

Mischievous Boyfriends

“This is going to be the best prank EVER.” Taehyung whispered to his best friend as he dipped the onions in caramel. They had planned pranks all week for this special week that was up and coming.

“I know. I’m a genius.” The other male, Park Jimin giggled as he flipped his bright hair. “Min Genius? Pfft, more like Park Genius!”

“Still my boyfriend, Jimin, still my boyfriend.” Taehyung warned as he stacked the ‘apple caramels’ onto a plate with an overly sweet smile.

“Right, sorry.” Jimin chuckled good-naturedly. “They won’t know what’s hit them~.”

Jeon Jungkook wondered sometimes why on Earth he had to end up with the weirdest boyfriend on the face of the Earth. He was just enjoying a day off, slouched in his Iron Man pyjamas, basking in the silence (which was odd enough as it was; the infamous sunshine line never shut up.); when alas, one of the group had arrived, looking sickly sweet.

“Babe~.” Jimin cooed as he plopped himself onto the maknae’s lap, the other immediately shifting to making himself more comfortable. He released a grunt in response, suspicions raising high from that one utterance. “Would you like a caramel apple? Me and TaeTae just made some.”

Now, Jeon Jungkook should’ve known better. He should’ve said no, as quoted by the infamous Taylor Swift. But when Park Jimin pouts with eyes that shine like the most precious jewels, and lips so full and blossoming pink that seem to tease you with every movement, you don’t say no. You bow to each of his request and need like the lovesick boyfriend you are, because you are truly whipped.

“Sure.” He uttered lowly, his arms entwining around the small male’s waist, nuzzling into his neck. “But can’t I just eat you instead?” Jungkook whispered into Jimin’s ear, nibbling at it as his voice fell an octave lower. Park Jimin could’ve groaned at that voice alone. But he had a task. A bet to be more specific, with none other than his partner in crime, Kim Taehyung.

‘Who was the most successful in pranking their boyfriends.’ They had a week, but the rule was that they did the same pranks on the same days as each other to spice things up. And if there was one thing that Park Jimin was, it was competitive.

So as cruel as it sounds, as soon as his adorable little Kookie bit into the ‘apple’, his face lit up like Christmas whilst his boyfriend was staring at him like he was about to be the Nightmare before Christmas instead. Gulp. He quickly scrambled from Jungkook’s lap.

“Park… Jimin…” The poor maknae spluttered, clutching at his throat as he looked at his boyfriend in bewilderment and pure betrayal. It was safe to say there was no cuddles for Jimin that night as his little bunny proceeded to give him an ice glare so cold  that Jimin could feel himself freeze in fear of the great Jeon Cena.

Tuesday morning showed the 95 liners in deep thought. Thinking of what prank they could do today - both of them were successful last night, earning great displeasure from their respected lovers, but much delight to the pair of them. 


Min Yoongi entered his studio with a tired sigh on his lips, groggingly moving his beloved room. His ‘man cave’, his ‘haven’, his ‘quiet place’, whatever you wish to call it, he couldn’t care less. His onyx eyes found the pictures that were hung up on the walls in various shapes and sizes; of people that were dear to him, that he loved more than he could ever express. He stopped at the mischievous smile of his lover, the only male lover he had ever had excluding a night with a trainee in which a lot of self-discovery had occurred. Smiling back at the box smile that never failed to make him feel loved, he could never say he regretted that night. His fingers slowly traced the outline of the beautiful human he had the privilege of calling his boyfriend, the tan cheeks that were stretched out so wide he feared it could break skin. His eyes softened as he whispered a soft ‘I love you’ to the image, his mind springing to the track he was working on for his boyfriend.

A loud horn was resounded through the whole of the dorm later that afternoon as Min Yoongi sat on his beloved chair in the studio with a huge tired sigh.

“GOD DAMN IT KIM TAEHYUNG!” He screamed out, earning a large sound of glee of the named person as he peeped through the door to see his boyfriend look murderous. The said boy cackled with pure glee at the opposite side of the door discretely. 

Now Kim Taehyung considered himself to be a romantic man of sorts. So when he invited his smol hyung into the shower he couldn’t fathom to why all the reaction he got was a raise of an eyebrow with a paranoid expression.

“Hyung~~?” He whined to his boyfriend, letting go of the towel that was wrapped around his small waist carelessly as he made grabby hands to Yoongi.

“Tae-ah. Your towel.” He answered shortly, refusing to move from the hallway - as tempting as the offer was, he didn’t know whether he forgave the male for tainting his haven like that yesterday.

“Do you not want to have sex with me anymore?!” Taehyung asked, a little louder than his boyfriend would’ve liked.

“Tae-ah, people are sleeping.” He uttered lowly, moving forward briskly to shove the male into the bathroom suite and slam the door behind him. “Are you crazy?!” He growled at the taller male.

“Ani-yo!” He whined. “I just want to spend some time with you, hyung. You’ve been so busy lately that I barely got to see you at all…” Yoongi sighed through his nose. Taehyung had been right. With the preparation of his mixtape he had locked himself out to the world night after night, which unfortunately included his beloved.

He wrapped his arms securely around his boyfriend, nuzzling into his neck. “Forgive me Tae-ah. Tonight I’m yours, I promise.” He failed to notice the hidden smirk of the eccentric male. Yoongi always liked to shower first after sex.

By Thursday Yoongi, and Jungkook had had enough. Yesterday they had their soaps coated in clear nail polish when they had tried to shower, meaning the soaps wouldn’t lather. They were both seething.

Jungkook knocked on the sunshine line’s room thrice before entering, his patience wearing thin from this week’s troubles.

“Hey Koo-”

“What the hell are you doing Jimin?” The said male blinked once, twice. His head tilted in confusion cutely ignoring the fact that his dongsaeng had so rudely interrupted his speaking. There was more pressing matters. Like why Jungkook had stormed into his room, gritting his teeth in great annoyance.

“What do you mea-“

“Why on Earth have you been acting all weird on me all this week?!”

“I’ve not-”

“I mean seriously, Jimin? What gives?!”

“Would you stop interrupting me?!” Jimin erupted, raising from his seat.

“Oh don’t use that tone with me! I should be the one annoyed Jimin!”

“I’m older than you, you should show a little bit of respect!”

“Maybe I’d you show you some respect if you’d act your DAMN AGE THEN.”

Gasp. “You did not just say that Jeon Jungkook!” Jimin whispered dangerously.

“Damn right I did! First you gave me onions to eat. A day after I find horns under my seat - multiple ones, just so I shit bricks.Then I find nail polish, nail polish hyung on my soap of all things! You’ve been weird, and super distant, and I just don’t understand. Is it something I did or sai-”

I’M PREGNANT OKAY.” Jimin screamed suddley, approaching the male, halting Jungkook mid-rant successfully with Jungkook’s mouth still agape.His hands softly came in contact with Jungkook’s chest. “I’m pregnant, Jungkook.”

The taller male felt like his breathing had stopped. Jimin was pregnant?! But Jungkook was only 18! How could he raise a child?! He stared down at his hyung, feeling tears in his eyes. He didn’t want to freak out, it wasn’t Jimin’s fault of course, but he couldn’t stop the way his jaw went slack, and his throat starting constricting.

A child was being formed in Jimin’s womb. It was simply overwhelming. 

A child. He needed to sit down. 

Being formed. In Jimin’s… womb? That sentence didn’t sound right. Jungkook looked up with confusion at Jimin.

“Wait, b-but you don’t have a w-w-womb.” He stuttered out in bewilderment. His doe eyes were wide, and large, the endless dark pools staring into the very soul of the older man. Jimin sucked his lower lip into his teeth, attempting to stifle his laughter at the reaction of his adorable boyfriend of almost 2 years. 

“I-I just don’t know how it happened.” He tried to say without any humour, his face constricted painfully; his cheeks hurt from the attempt itself. But alas, he failed. The small Korean doubled over in laughter, clutching his stomach as Jungkook finally catched on.

“You’re unbelievable!” He fumed, stomping to the exit, creating a loud crash when the door flew off of it’s hinges from the force of his anger exploding against it. He was not a happy bunny in the least. 

That night Jimin and Taehyung sat at the dining table, drinking hot chocolate and discussing how well the week had gone. 

“So, as a percentage, how likely do you think that we’ll get dumped, hm?” Jimin asked with a teasing smirk on his lips. 

“I’d say around 89.97% for me, and around 96.53% for you.” Taehyung answered with a small chuckle.

“Yah, why is mine higher?” The cute male pouted into his hot drink, crossing his arms childishly.

“Because you actually made Jungkook-ah think that you’re pregnant. Yoongi-hyung just called me out straight away.” He blew his fringe out of his face, this sentence was going to be tough.”I lose.” 

Jimin screeched with triumph, jumping up and down from his seat, until a sudden thought hit him. “Wait, how are we going to make it up to them?” 

“Welp, that is your problem, my boyfriend and I are already on good terms again. He forgave me it all after I played my damsel in distress card about being over-stressed with schedules and needing a form of relief, and that I simply wanted to see him smile. Good luck with making up with Jungkook.” Taehyung smirked, grabbing the other cup of hot chocolate that Jimin had failed to notice, and with an exaggerated sway of his hips he waltzed back into the bedroom of Min Yoongi. Damn Kim Taehyung was good. Jimin banged his head against the table in a great huff.

They didn’t even make any stakes.