pfft dorks

my favorite thing about this is that i know eijun wont let miyuki live down the fact that he, the fussy one about eijun getting injured, got injured himself BEFORE eijun like miyuki could go full mother hen now on eijun ‘stop running already ur gonna get injured’ but then eijun would be all ‘hOW DO I KNOW UR NOT INJURED CAP?? HMM?? HMMMM????’ im pretty sure this is one of eijun’s go-to teasing remarks to miyuki now as to miyuki calling him bakamura pfft i love these dorks

  • Ruby: The top women here are either total hard-charging badasses or phoney-as-shit little ingenues. All I want is meaningful work while still being myself.
  • Jaune: Which is what, exactly?
  • Ruby: Pfft. A dork. A fuck-up. Just, I don't know, a person who likes geeking out about kung fu movies with you idiots and eating cake after midnight. And who also happens to be a pretty good shot.

More sketches of the MRAU excerpt I put up, here.

MRAU is short for “Misfortunate Remnant AU” in which Qrow and Raven were enlisted early into Salems group and they help take down Beacon and Haven early.

Here is when Summer Rose, the last SEW (silver eyed warrior) and a tool of the Resistance, meets Qrow Branwen, a spy, warrior, assassin/killer and general associate of Salem’s inner circle, for the first time. He has come to collect her per Salem’s command, and Summer, noble and brave in both body and spirit, gives herself over to him to spare her sudo-daughter, Winter Schnee, from being killed by him.

He becomes enchanted with her upon first meeting her. Pfft, dork.

Matsubros Scenarios: Wearing His Hoodie

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(As promised~ Here are the fruits from my live stream. Enjoy. This picture is around 20 x 20 in so you can look closer at the details if you want)

Levi: Brats