pfft dorks

*flings this here and runs away real fast-*

seapancake said:

this doesn’t even need to be a ship honestly just pick two characters who makes you think hah yeah they’re cute my puppups my babies yes cuties or choose any of ships it doesn’t matter as long as they’re screaming very loudly or yelling over this reaALLY large cockroach just minding its own business in the kitchen looking for food while these two characters are holding sticks and maybe devising a plan to kill it but they’re too terrified 

but can you imagine their conversation while cowering in fear of a cockroach?

j:”what the f*ck, hic?! hurry up and kill it!”

h:”me?! why not you?!”

j:”you’ve killed like 2 dragons and 1 homicidal maniac, and you’re asking why not me?!”

h:”you’ve fought the frickin embodiment of fear, jack! and won!”

j:”okay, that was fear. this… i don’t know what this is! just hurry up and kill it or call someone who can!”

*pause* *hic dials phone number*

h:”astrid? yeah, hey. can you come over like real quick?”