pfft dorks

  • Ruby: The top women here are either total hard-charging badasses or phoney-as-shit little ingenues. All I want is meaningful work while still being myself.
  • Jaune: Which is what, exactly?
  • Ruby: Pfft. A dork. A fuck-up. Just, I don't know, a person who likes geeking out about kung fu movies with you idiots and eating cake after midnight. And who also happens to be a pretty good shot.

Don’t bother, those things are always automated and you never actually get a response.

Famous people have better things to do than that, shockingly.

Oh boy here we go.

What’s Bakugo gonna say? It’s definitely not gonna be nice and there are gonna be a few insults thrown around, I’m sure.

God, you fucking asshole.

Okay let’s make it clear. Bakugo is not a good person, not by any standard. But he is an interesting character.

Pfft, you dork.

That was pretty funny.

But you did both those things.

A small ripple can cause tornados. That’s how the metaphor goes, right?

All Might knows how to make an entrance, doesn’t he.

aw shit a tag game

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Name: Coober/Coral
Nicknames: Bup (and all different versions of bup, hehe), Coobs, Haruhi, #1 gay, Tmos
Zodiac: pisces
Height: 5'4" and it pains me so much
Orientation: ace and bi-ro (though tbh i question my romantic orientation constantly)
Ethnicity: pretty goddamn caucasian
Fav fruit: honeydew??
Fav season: spring/summer?
Fav book: Uh, no idea to be honest
Fav flower: lilacs!!!!
Scent: probably my black cherry merlot and i donut care hand sanitizers
Animal: cats tbh, thought axolotls are pretty high up there cause of a certain dork :>
Coffee/tea/cocoa: i dont really drink any of these, so lets pretend cream soda is on the list ;w;
Cat/dog: cats
Favourite fictional character: g od i dont know who id say if not eridan ampora
Dream trip: to my best friends gotdam arms for a 5 year hug omg
Blog created: 2015ish???
Number of followers: you dare think theres a beginning or an end to my follower count sitting at 292
What i post: anything im not afraid is actually somehow a bad thing jfc
Do you get asks on a regular basis?:
used to but not anymore, probably for the better? those erisol ask days were fun though holy shit
Aesthetic: apparently space sunsets and warm homely places if my aesthetic blog has a say in this
Fav band: no idea??
Fictional character I’d date:
is experiencing fictional attraction a not ace thing cause hoo boy i dont have that attraction either
Hogwarts house: hufflepuff
Tagging: open invitation for anyone to do this if they want to answer the questions!

(As promised~ Here are the fruits from my live stream. Enjoy. This picture is around 20 x 20 in so you can look closer at the details if you want)

Levi: Brats

ScorpioxCancer Chapter 2 Part 2/2

‘Oh, hey, Cancer! How’re you? c;’

Ignoring the flutter the winky face sent through her heart, Cancer replied:

‘I’m great! You? c:’

‘Pretty decent, even better now that you’re talking to me c;’

‘Haha, thanks, but nah. I’m pretty boring ^^;’

‘Someone boring never would’ve gotten my number’

Oh god, her heart. This guy was gonna have her throwing up rainbows by the end of the conversation!

‘Oh god, blushing. BLUSHING HARD.’

‘Wish I could see that, cutie c;’

‘I’M NOT CUTE! \(O////O)/’

‘You just sent a blushing emoji. That is literally adorable XD’

‘fjkhlsnskbsixhsldbfjx SHUUUUUSH!!’

‘Pfft try and make me’

‘I will when I see you!’

Cancer froze. Wait… What? DID SHE JUST SAY THAT?! Oh god, SHE WAS GETTING DANGEROUSLY FORCEFUL! She had to cover that up! FAST! Her thumbs flew to the keys, and she quickly sent a follow-up message.

‘I mean, if you want to, that is!!’

‘Haha you’re cute. Of course I want to.’


‘Haha cool! When you wanna meet up? c:’

‘Whenever you want to, cutie~’

Oh, why did he have to leave the decision making to her? She was just about the most indecisive person on the planet!

‘Uuuum haha idk! ^^;’

‘Pfft, me either XD Well, when are you free?’

‘Literally always haha’

It was true. It was mid-June, and all of her friends were on vacation. She was bored.

‘Well, hm… Hey, I have an idea!’

‘What?? 0.0’

‘The carnival is in town rn. Today is the last day, so would you maybe wanna go tonight?’

OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD! Cancer just about fell off the couch in excitement. TONIGHT? She was seeing him tonight?! YES! YESYESYES! This was awesome! She could hardly wait— WAIT! She needed to text him back first!

‘Yeah, that sounds awesome! c: How far of a walk is it?’

Cancer didn’t exactly have another mode of transportation. The car was in the shop for repairs. She wasn’t exactly sure what the story behind THIS was, but she had a feeling they needed to stop leaving Gemini and Sagittarius alone with mechanical appliances.

‘Pfft don’t be a dork. I’ll pick you up.’



‘All the way to the other end of town? Ha, that’ll happen. I’d be more than happy to pick you up. Can I get an address, tho?? XD’

‘Haha, thanks! ^^; It’s XXX Zodiac Circle. You know, where the big “Beware the Water” signs are?’

The water signs really did make too much of a deal. They stood like an annoying barricade on either side of the road going over the stream that ran perpendicular to Cancer’s street. It was just a little creek! ‘BEWARE’ made it sound like a friggin’ ocean. But Gemini had fallen in there ONCE, and suddenly the neighborhood was plagued with the water signs’ overdramatic existence. Cancer had a little resentment toward Gemini for it. It wasn’t her fault the airhead couldn’t swim!

‘Really? That isn’t too far from my house, haha. Though I suppose that makes sense, considering we walked to the same laundromat. So I’ll pick you up at 6:30, does that sound alright? (:’

‘Yeah, haha! ^.^ That sounds great! And thanks again in advance for giving me a ride!’

‘No problem, cutie (; See you then~’

‘See ya! ^^’

Cancer set her phone back onto the coffee table at last. Her heart and stomach were filled with butterflies, and a beaming smile adorned her warm face. She was seeing Scorpio tonight! She could hardly contain her happiness and let loose a small squeal. She paused for a moment self-consciously before remembering she was home alone and squealing again. She was so happy! After a couple more moments of fangirling over her anticipated date with the alluring man by the name of Scorpio, Cancer checked the time. 2:45P.M. She had plenty of time to get ready…but she wanted this to be perfect! The elated girl ran upstairs to her room with a heart swollen in joy. She needed to get ready!


A/N: Sorry it’s so short guys, and sorry they don’t hang out in this chapter. But don’t fret! :3 The next chapter is their first date and it’s gonna make your hearts explode c;


Did you like my punny Water/Air Sign shade? XD I amuse myself too much~



“I guess… We call the artist again.”