HAHAHA I was going to draw somethin new but then I found an old picture I was REALLY PROUD OF at one point and did a quick re-draw, this time making the pose/expression in character. Wings was never meant to be a timid flower but she looks like it in the original.

lololol I think erin did the lineart in the original picture, I just supplied the sketch

Hey so 7D and Wander fans, back during the event of Randy Cunningham’s Fight for Season 3 thing, we came up with a lot of letter and email sources, I’ve already seen some of these addresses relevant to your campaigns but I figure I’ll share some sources and information behind it because I’m tired of DisneyXD’s treatment of certain shows (the reason behind Wander’s end is what gets me most pffpff), but can’t be bothered to deal with this again, but I won’t kept the options to myself.

I don’t recall if Wander or the 7D were approved by UK Disney or not, but I know it’s origin country usually matters most in it’s view rating. In terms of RC9GN the better the views had been in Europe the better it would’ve had a chance to survive. But here’s the address to the UK Disney department for UK fans who might get the episodes at a later time than American fans either way. (If there’s a high demand for it out-country too it helps)

Disney Channels Guest Relations M/C 601

3 Queen Caroline Street


London W6 9PE

In terms of actually getting a here-back from Disney (an actual person replying) the best email I found for this has been, the only thing is once they take a notice to the feedback containing the same information (”renew” Wander) they begin giving a template reply, but once you to that point, at least yall know they’ve noticed your numbers.

This is another UK origin one, but if I recall I got a few replies as well., it can also be used via the contact us page here.

Disney also cares a lot about their merchandising, which is why a lot of DisneyXD shows don’t last very long because they don’t have toy lines, and we were told from a previous RC staff it was rumored a Disney cartoon had to have 3 seasons before getting merch (unless it was well viewed like Gravity Falls obviously). This being said, if there’s another demand for a show to have merchandise it might get some, and if sales for that are good, they’ll renew the series as well.

With this your options are the “contact us” page on the bottom of the Disney store website. Once a fan was told to send merchandise demand/suggestions to as well. You can also make suggestions to some stores who might be interested in products from certain Disney shows (example being Titmouse, the animation studio for RC9GN also made T-shirts so emailing them to collaborate with Disney to make some Randy shirts was something we demanded too.)

And at the time the DisneyXD section under the DisneyStore Customization wasn’t a thing yet, but now that it is, it can be used as a source of demand as well. This doesn’t mean you only send emails demanding for 7D and Wander merch (though you should do that too!), it means you also have to show them people are generally interested in buying DisneyXD products. If they get good sales on that section they’ll add more DisneyXD lines to that shop.

I know this is relevant because Pickle & Peanut is on the listing, and Disney couldn’t have possibly known if it was going to do well or not because the series was still new at the time the shop was made. And though Pickle & Peanut isn’t too off with views from Wander’s at times, however Wander’s highest view rating this season was 0.70 (Wander got 2.0+ back when it first aired but I’m sure that’s because it was airing on Disney Channel at the time) while Pickle & Peanuts has been 0.47 at the most since it started. So the more merchandise Disney sales in that section the more DisneyXD shows they’ll add to the product list and it might not even be effected by the amount of views it gets. But by demand.

And as a last mention, your letters might not get replies, but I promise Disney’s mail department is reading them. Randy fans got evidence some letters were read, and one was even put on display at one of the Disney buildings. I also know of a fan that did get a reply letter as well. So you can send a bunch of letters but don’t lose hope that they’re not being read… they are.

So that’s my 2cents on the subject and I hope y’all find it helpful and do what Randy fans didn’t get to achieve (but a lot of us still hold hope). Stick it to DisneyXD get your shows renewed.

Forgot to share this last night since it was like… Ass o’clock in the morning… XD Have some unexpected #WinMin since we realized at the last minute that we’d be wearing these two at the same time, pffpff~ The panel was a lot of fun, though, they may want another Erwin cuz I don’t feel like I did all that good of a job… I was a bit delirious since it was so late and too easily cracked up by the shenanigans. XD
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