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Hi there! We all know Cas loves Dean (and all his family).But what about Dean? What did he do to prove that he care? He never saved Cas or sacrificed for him. Can you remind me something special about his actions?

Are you freaking KIDDING ME.

I don’t see how anyone can watch Mr Dean - I try so hard not to have feelings, try to show as little emotion as possible, don’t tell anyone how I feel but end up doing it through gestures and even though I may seem angry it’s because I’m worried and I love you - Winchester and come away from it thinking he doesn’t care or prove that he cares. 

You just have to see how Dean shows it and remember that he is actively trying NOT to show it, hello sublimation, and understand that it isn’t in the same way you might (let me refer you to this post by @starsinursa about how Dean shows love through acts of service and quality time of which obviously he has hardly any of due to the nature of their lives) so let me refer you just to a few things that prove that he does care and leave it at that.

PFFFT “he never saved Cas or sacrificed for him”… 

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Did you not watch season 8 while he ran around purgatory after he could have gotten out ages ago shouting WHERE’S THE ANGEL whilst interrogating, torturing and killing monsters and putting himself in danger? Then Benny and Cas himself actively TELLING him that Cas was a beacon and causing them to be in danger and him not giving a rats ass?

or 12x10 where Dean allows himself to be attacked by a full strength, newly healed and “best I’ve felt in a millennium” ANGEL, where he was weaponless and vulnerable, would most probably have been killed, because he didn’t know Sam and Lily were about to arrive, because he can’t take the chance of banishing Cas away? 

or 12x12 where he flat out tells the Demon King of Hell to ‘shut up’ and just help them or LEAVE because he is so wrecked about Cas dying? Where Sam and Dean both stay to protect Cas? 

or season 11 when he stood up to both Lucifer and Amara, yes, SATAN AND GOD’S SISTER, who both have shown that they are antagonistic towards him at BEST, who actively want to devour / kill him, to try to get through to and SAVE Cas? How season 11 proved that Dean’s forced bond with Amara was NOT AS STRONG AS HIS CHOSEN BOND WITH CAS???

or ALL of season 12 where Dean might as well just leave on his voicemail “sorry I can’t come to the phone right now I’m probably worrying about and searching for ways to find Cas right now, I’m busy, leave me alone”.

OK let’s just recap a few moments for you.

Season 7: Being an alcoholic wreck when Cas is gone and revealing it’s because of Cas and the black goo when he’s out of his mind on drugs and finally feels less pain over it:

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PURGATORY. Staying for months past when he could have gotten out with Benny because he was hell bent on finding Cas, even trying to save Cas when Cas didn’t even want to be saved himself, feeling so much guilt and pain over it that he recreated an entirely different ending in his head:

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Seasons 9/ 10: Dean falling under the MoC, it taking away his soft side leading him to do horrible, awful things, yet the only times the soft side has a glimmer of coming back out is always around CAS:

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And BOTH TIMES these are right before in the same episode he goes and does something harsh, aggressive, MoC-esque (killing the guys who hurt Claire and attacking Gadreel literally seconds later), precisely to juxtapose how soft he is HERE, BOTH TIMES he is actually trying to REASSURE CAS that he is doing the right thing, while he himself is going through HELL he is thinking about Cas and trying to make him feel better. Yeah, sure, he doesn’t care about him…

Seasons 11 and 12 which are basically just, well, about 46 episodes of:

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  • Hunk: You totally have a crush on Keith.
  • Lance: okay I'm sick of this! Just because I hang out with Keith and think he's a cool guy and that his smile is nice and just because I like the way his laugh sounds and just because sometimes I think about maybe holding his hand sometimes, or kissing him or maybe cuddling with him or going on cute dates with him, or... what was I talking about again?
  • Hunk: Your huge crush on Keith
  • Lance: oh right...
  • Lance:

170612 jypentertainment: 안녕? 난 영케이야.
오늘 #Day6 <VOOM STAGE> 끝나고 올려봐.
오늘 많은 멋진 아티스트 분들과 함께 나왔지만 그 누구보다도 우리 #마이데이 는 빛났어. 우리보다 더 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 덕분에 행복했음! 그냥 그랬다고!

Sup it’s YoungK (I repeat, YoungK)
Today’s <VOOM STAGE> was bomb!! It was great to go on the stage with many great artists but out of all #MYDAY was stunning.. Even more than Day6 lololol Yeah just wanted to tell u guys that My Day was amazing… Yeap.


Ink-Bendy’s reaction to seeing the cutouts destroyed in Heavenly Toys!
I wish I could’ve gotten this on video but my recording program decided to suck and wouldn’t let me do anything.
But for those who saw the bug in the last update which made Ink-Bendy spawn on Floor 9, it’s basically the same animation as the one he used there.

He does it on the other side too. I tried to get screenshots of that but you can’t see that side very well from the Little Miracle Station, so I tried it from the stairs. Apparently I was too close to him because as soon as he got to the destroyed cutouts and was supposed to do the animation, he spotted me. ;__;