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Oh boy I've got s kicker to that s/o trapped in Ultra Space: s/o has a serious case of amnesia and can't remember Guzma. They don't remember a thing, not even their name or their own Pokémon. To make it worse if you're wanting intense feels, Guzma found s/o in a catatonic state. They're still very much alive, but they're not aware of anything and their mind is pretty much gone. For good feels, Guzma is told that there is a slight chance s/o will recover. It'll take a lot of time and work.

Well aren’t you a cheery little fucker.


Okay, I have a lot to catch up on from today, but while updating my play list for Waning Moon, the clips I keep coming across just seem to paint Devin as such a little shit to the Voices. Like, I’m sure a lot of this was talked out in the Chat, but its’ almost like:

Chat: Nuuuuuuu Leafeom! We need to get him back!

Devin: Ooooor I can have a Ducklett. -adds to bird collection-


Chat: Dang it, we need to beat Olivia so we can get off this island! >O

Devin: Oh, I can leave whenever I want -flies to MeleMele- ^w^



Chat: Phoiuhwpehtea We need a plan so we can progress!!!11111!1!

Devin: Alright, I’ll leave you to that.

Chat: Devin… >/

Devin: -Attempting to ride~-

Chat: DEVIN…. >/

Devin: Battle Royal doesn’t give EXP does it? -enters anyway-

Chat: DEVIN!!!! >/

Devin: -Somehow managed to go fishing- Yes? o3o -innocent-

Chat: … Fine, let’s just take a breather and go mess with Festival Plaza. -w-

Devin: Sounds good to me =3 …. -Flies to PokePelago-