More details about 7-Eleven’s Full Size 3D Maneuver gear have been released.

According to 7-Eleven’s campaign website, Hajime Isayama supervised the product details. The blade and grips are also detachable. The price stands at  107,784 yen including tax and postage. 

The specifications for the gear are:

Body: height 370mm × width 320mm × depth 140 mm 
Blade + Grip total length: 880mm [blade part (approximately) 670mm, blade total length (about) 700 mm] 
Cartridge body: 710 mm 
Weight : 8.2 kg 

7-Eleven also states that the gear is for display and cosplay purposes only and that it “cannot actually fly.” 

But do I want to say goodbye to all the glowing eyes?