• Hunk: You totally have a crush on Keith.
  • Lance: okay I'm sick of this! Just because I hang out with Keith and think he's a cool guy and that his smile is nice and just because I like the way his laugh sounds and just because sometimes I think about maybe holding his hand sometimes, or kissing him or maybe cuddling with him or going on cute dates with him, or... what was I talking about again?
  • Hunk: Your huge crush on Keith
  • Lance: oh right...
  • Lance:

170612 jypentertainment: 안녕? 난 영케이야.
오늘 #Day6 <VOOM STAGE> 끝나고 올려봐.
오늘 많은 멋진 아티스트 분들과 함께 나왔지만 그 누구보다도 우리 #마이데이 는 빛났어. 우리보다 더 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 덕분에 행복했음! 그냥 그랬다고!

Sup it’s YoungK (I repeat, YoungK)
Today’s <VOOM STAGE> was bomb!! It was great to go on the stage with many great artists but out of all #MYDAY was stunning.. Even more than Day6 lololol Yeah just wanted to tell u guys that My Day was amazing… Yeap.