Feathers Fantasy XV

Today we have a peep Ardyn joining ze party. Yes, he’s an owl and he sure is amused by Noct and Promp angrily tweeting at him. Gladdy and Iggy not sure if they should interfered or not, lol.

(Peep Ardyn undercut)

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Prompto_overload (comic 6)

Family get-togethers are fun, don’t you think so Noct?

Oracle!Prompto, MT!Prompto and the Prompbro AU is created by @chocobaes. I know I said it EVERY. GODDAMN. TIME. but JFC, I love you guys!!

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anonymous asked:

the grunts show guzma memes that look like him on a daily basis to try to get him angry


~ It’s not even showing him memes. It’s making him a meme. It started small. It was a simple “HERE COMES YA BOI” “O SHIT WADDUP!” that sparked a revolution in Po Town.

~ At one point it turned into “let’s see who can video tape and edit a video of guzma walking to ‘he be rollin down the streets’ the quickest”. Grunts are tripping over each other trying to get to the boss’ room the fastest. None of them make it. Plumeria’s the one who kicks down the door and shows him.

~ No one let’s him go a day without hearing “HERE COMES YA BOI”. Guzma slowly gets more and more annoyed to the point where Golisopod is chucking unfortunate grunts off the roof into the swimming pool.

~ The only meme that has gotten a grunt in life threatening levels of “shit son you fucked up” was the one meme Nanu told the grunts to show Guzma. I don’t know what that meme would be, but you but Nanu’s the one that gave that unlucky grunt the ammunition.

~ None of you can sit here and tell me the boss hasn’t sent Lusamine the entirety of the Bee Movie script at one point.

~ Guzma has been dressed up as a Christmas tree at one point because every goddamn grunt on Team Skull has told him that he looks like Xurkitree at one point. He is unamused every single time because A) It ain’t a bug and B) Ya boy don’t wanna be compared to a UB

Sugakookie Mafia!AU

Sugakookie mafia!au where Jungkook is an innocent college kid who somehow (through Taehyung and Jimin obviously) manages to get mixed up in some gangsta crime mess and falls in love with a smol but deadly man. 🔫 💰  💳 😎

(1.1k fluff under the cut, this isn’t really a fic? it kinda is? idk, a series of snippets and headcanons)

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Prompto_overload (comic 7)

Valentine’s Day is just less than a week away. Can you smell it? The smell of love and romance ewww. 2k14 Prompto stop breaking the fourth wall!! 

This comic is not for my own pleasure of sinning or anything…. [sweat] and I’m sorry, 2k14 Prompto. This is the first comic he appears in and I already killed him…. pffffffffff 

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I’m having an interview later today at a plushies shop and here’s my CV envelope, pffffffffffft.
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