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Pen-pineapple-apple-tale? I dunno that is what comes to my mind when I read 'PPAtale' I know what PPA stands for.. but I'm too big of a memer to not think of PPAP

pff thats what i thought of at firsttttta

So the blog has reached 1000 followers somehow?? Yes, hello, hi- um, the blog has been a bit silent lately due to me suffering with exams but I hope you’re enjoying yourselves?? (I’ll probably be more active here from now on, since exams are over now, so hooray for productivity!)

With that said… I’m not sure what to do to celebrate? A stream? Raffle? Something else?? I dunno, feel free to hit me with suggestions! Seriously, haha. I’m much too indecisive ;v;

And that’s all! Thank you for following me, it really means a lot that people want to see more of these weird kids ;v;

EXO Reaction || Coming Home And Seeing Their Girlfriend Topless In Front Of A Mirror, Holding Her Breasts And She Casually Asks Them If they Think Her Boobs Are uneven
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“I’d probably have to check it myself”


“Your breasts are…”
*Laughs because he literally feels weird about the situation*
“Look, I can tell you in bed tonight, ok?”


“Doot, doot, doot~ boner. Doot, doot, doot~”


/ So should I stare at her boobs or will that be impolite /


“I don’t see a difference”


“What are you talking about and why are you shirtless?”


“Well, I think your body looks perfect”


“What did you ask? Sorry, I was kinda lost for a second there”


“I can’t tell from looking”


“Maybe? Or not? I don’t know, breasts are breasts, does it matter?”


“Why are you asking me? Should they be different size or what?”


“Pff, silly. A guy wouldn’t notice any difference”


  • Sam: Lucifer, did you kill someone again?
  • Lucifer: Pff. No...?
  • Sam: What is this dead body doing here then?
  • Lucifer: He was here when I got here.
  • Sam: Oh really?
  • Lucifer: Sure thing. I was just holding my knife peacefully and he walked into it. 28 times.
  • Me: pff what I'm not even like that into doctor who
  • Also me: scrolling through pictures from doctor who on phone with doctor who case, wearing doctor who shirt and skirt, laying underneath doctor who poster which is beside a doctor who shrine all while listening to the doctor who theme song.
  • Me:
  • Me: I mean, I don't even know the main characters name...
Meeting Him (Lee Jong Suk Scenario)

Genre: romance, fluff, comedy

Word count: 2 055

Warning:  none

Summary: A drama-like meeting.

You went back to the hotel, dead tired from all the walking around the city. Seoul was surely exciting and full of life, but you were exhausted and all you could think of was a nice bath in your nice hotel room, an episode of whatever drama was on TV while enjoying the luxury of having room-service in a five stars hotel.

Stepping inside the hotel drew you some curious looks which made you blush as you fumbled for your phone. Your shorts and simple t-shirt surely didn’t match the hotel’s image, nor did the dusty sneakers or backpack full of trinkets. Thank God you had the roaming services activated and were able to call your friend.

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