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Shipppp babbyyy-

Geno (loverofpiggies) and reaper (renrink)

Bois name is Lorelai yeah I knowww, shhh, he kinda does that anyway I guess?

Anywayyy, this kid mannn, he is dead inside and doesn’t care anymoRE. Usually he keeps his cloak thingyyyy closed completely but I opened it a lil so you could kinda see his clothes underneath.

The ends of his cloak thing trail off in some weird smoke ooor something ??? And his scarf is constantly movng like wind is blowing, not that much but I wanted to show that there are two sides to it aND that ittt goes off in little strands of the fabric that usually fade away, like smoke or steam does, idk how to describe it

His right eye glitches from time to time but not usually, it happens more often when he is feeling more emotions.

I’ve heard that is you touch Reaper you diE so this kid inherited that, so don’t touch hiMm. He is kinda depressed looking an dead inside but if he likes something oor whatev he gets happy and cyOOOT.

In which I really wanted to draw Neo in a floofy dress, and Roman really loves swooping up his tiny wife into the air when they’re dancing together. 

(I just wanted to draw a dress that took up half the screen lmao oops)

You got scars; I got scars too. The tissue will make us hard; the tears wash us anew. We are harder than doubt had bargained, but battling with the truth. Your scars are beauty marks, but don’t let ‘em define you. Breathe. (x)

I’m still utterly speechless. 

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zara2411  asked:

I could see you as a Protagonist or a Side Character. But I could also see you as an Antagonist- but like the crazy, overstressed, college aged comical one were they try kicking people they don't like in the back of their knees or handing in a hand-written paper in some super loopy, unreadable script to a teacher you hate, secretly laughing that evil laugh in your head

Now let’s not get overzealous here. You’ve always been a huge piece of shit! If I could kill you, I would! But it’s frowned upon in all fifty states.
Having said that…


Here have a Law holding a gun and shaking and crying before he chooses whether to finish Doflamingo off or not... Because that should have happened after Doflamingo’s defeat.


Sketch dump! Talking to lemonorangelime about Ao no Exorcist made me dig up previously abandoned ANE/SNK crossover sketches and add to them. (^o^)