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and you wonder why he’s not social

In which I really wanted to draw Neo in a floofy dress, and Roman really loves swooping up his tiny wife into the air when they’re dancing together. 

(I just wanted to draw a dress that took up half the screen lmao oops)

Now let’s not get overzealous here. You’ve always been a huge piece of shit! If I could kill you, I would! But it’s frowned upon in all fifty states.
Having said that…


Here have a Law holding a gun and shaking and crying before he chooses whether to finish Doflamingo off or not... Because that should have happened after Doflamingo’s defeat.

lets talk human verse OC age and (height) headcanons cause fuck it, why not?

Yeseñia: 34 (5'7")
Val: 34 (5'9")
Francesca: 32 (5'7")
Marisol: 33 (5'6")
Elena: 30 (5'6")
Ana: 27 (5'3")
Inés: 24 (5'2")
Vivi: 23 (5'0")
Elijah: 32 (5'8")
Juano: 39 (6'0")
Hamza: 37 (6'2")
Ahsan: 29 (5'6")
Loaster: 32 (5'3")