Found these super awesome high waist jeans in Topshop that has the same pattern with my high school uniform. I wanted to pair them with my school vest but nah, I thought I just might get into trouble lololol


Fashion trends nowadays are leaning more on classic pieces and basics but still with exotic and sophisticated combinations. Google the ‘normcore’ term to get what I mean!

With these must-have basics I’m wearing from, you’ll be sure to stay in style! So comfortable yet stylish.♥

PFB Livestream Event!

What is this wizardry?! From the realm, the Witch Nikki of Candlewix is putting on a spectacle!

Utilizing her strange, ancient tools- the tablet of Huion and the Painter’s Tool of Sai, the Witch will conjure up our heroes before your very eyes!

Featuring official artwork for the table-toppers that are really taking YouTube and the Pathfinder gaming world by storm, Pathfinder Banter! Find them at

The stream will be happening at 5:00 PM USA Central Time on Friday, June 6th. During which time you can chat with the artist, and MAYHAPS some of our heroes will appear…

Text copied directly from my page. And you read that right! At 5:00 PM USA Central Time this coming Friday, I will be doing a live stream inking and coloring of my commission work with PFB. Save the date! 

Any and all updates will be posted here or on my facebook page!

The stream will be held on this channel! (Account is not required to attend!)