Sorry guys, you don’t get linked-up show notes today because I worked on this for like 20 minutes last night and it has fucking vanished. 

But here is a link to episode 60, the one with the ampersands. 

Welcome to another edition of Pop Fashion podcast! This week in hot topics - Marc by Marc Jacobs is getting sued by Adidas over a stripe situation, Jenna Lyons is being blamed for a recent downturn in J.Crew sales, and fashion bloggers are making bank through affiliate links. We have fantastic news on the eco-fashion front this week! Chinese factories reduced waste as an experiment that ultimately saved money and resources, and French luxury good company Kering is teaming up with H&M for a venture that recycles textiles. Turn your shirt inside out to see where it was manufactured as part of Fashion Revolution Day on Friday, April 24th, and hashtag it #whomademyclothes to bring awareness to manufacturing processes. Also, a report reveals the most and least environmentally responsible clothing companies and the names on both lists are going to surprise you. Finally, a new trend coming out of Korea called “Nono Fashion” is rocking our socks off. Our main topic this week is about freelancer workspaces! Are you able to work from home as a freelancer or is it cutting into your productivity? Do you opt to pay for a co-working space, or are there creative solutions to figuring out your office space quandary? Come hang out!