pf portraits



An amateur empath, she has an uncanny understanding of a person’s inner feelings. She can craft minor spell treatments, or cast improvised spells, to stablize their emotions. However she’s a professional artist, and love, love, loves to fly. She finds it especially satisfying to travel short distances at a time and locate comfortable areas to sketch people and nature.

So thirty seconds into drawing I remember why I never participate in sonas, I hate drawing myself in my preferred style - it’s too weird either caricaturing myself or I can tell I’m idealizing it. So… I did a bit of a compromise. The first is my idealized self - how I try to dress and look, physically (mentally?). The second is a little more accurate! (Though… possibly still a little ideal…)

Everything I’m wearing I either own or have on my wishlist in my bookmarks, aside from the witch hat… :)