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O que você acha que eu estou fazendo? É claro que estou filmando tudo que está acontecendo nessa festa para montar um filme e passar na reunião de final de ano. Assim eu poderei rir dos micos de vocês quando todos estiverem sóbrios. Quer dar um oi para a câmera? 

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Are there many pagans in the uk? I'm from NE England but I've never met another pagan in my life :/

I am near the North East! Where abouts are you from? :)

There is actually a huge amount of pagans in the UK. Most of the Wiccans that kickstarted the big witchcraft revival were actually from England. The UK has a  very rich and thriving community, it’s just down to knowing where to look. 

Luckily for you, I know where to look! There is an organization called the Pagan Federation. In every county in the UK they have representatives to help spread the news about pagan events and to connect other pagans with each other. If you check out their website here and go to the District tab, you should be able to find a representitive near you. And some events!

PF has little leaflets and magazines sent to your house if you become a member which have a list of local pub moots, events and covens in the back pages. I would highly recommend becoming a member because it’s an awesome way to keep up with what is going on in the community.

UK Pagan Council also used to be a good way to keep in contact with UK Pagans.Haven’t been on it in a while but I suggest trying it out. 

If Druidry is your thing there are loads of Groves in the UK, most associated with OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids).You can take a look at that website here.

Another good bet is searching google for big events like Witchfest in London, the big Beltane events around Stonehenge and Glastonbury, Pagan Pride in Nottingham… the list goes on. Pagan Pride is awesome and everyone is lovely, that is one I would highly recommend. It’s very casual and very beginner friendly. 

 England also has a lot of innately ‘Witchy’ towns. Places with a large amount of witchy stores or a very pagan history. Nottingham, Whitby….. Glastonbury even has a Witches Market! There’s a short list of historically witchy places in England here.

So yep. We are actually one very witchy group of countries. I am actually super happy that I live in such a witchy place. I hope this helped you out a bit!

“Take the hat off, dear.”

The theory/AU where Lemony is the Baudelaire children’s father, and simply lied about it in the books for their protection, is literally my favorite right now.

So here’s this family portrait. Of course, this would be right before the fire that claims Beatrice’s (and supposedly Lemony’s) life. I made Sunny’s hair color more like Lemony’s rather than my usual palette, and I’m proud of how Beatrice looks~



The PF Flyers Pop Shop Tour is off and running, with our first stop in Houston for the NBA All-Star Weekend! We’ve taken these past few days to set up shop at The Class Room with help from our friends at The Brooklyn Circus & Street Etiquette. The work has been great, but once Friday comes around, we’ll be ready to play.

At the height of the weekend on Saturday is our Kick Off Party featuring Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) on the turntable alongside Elroy Boogie and Stack Aly. If you’re in the area you won’t want to miss out. Come on by the Pop Shop early to check out our vintage PFs and new styles, then stick around to party with us into the night! 

RSVP and event details here. See you there.


To celebrate our 75th Anniversary last year, we embarked on a small retail venture with our friends over at The Brooklyn Circus, setting up a PF Flyers Pop Shop for 75 days. The success of that shop quickly sparked the idea of going on the road with a POP SHOP tour!

We left Brooklyn for Houston, where everything is bigger, and oh boy did we do it big. Yasiin Bey, Street Etiquette, Stack Aly, DJ Elroy Boogie, The Bearded Man and over 800 guests joined us for the launch of our Houston Pop Shop at Classroom. 

So now we’re headed across the country with some of our favorite and well-respected people. Here is the tour schedule for the rest of 2013, hope we see you out there:

Self Edge Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA  June 7

The Brooklyn Circus San Francisco, San Francisco CA    July 6-7

Sir and Madame, Chicago IL August 2-4

The Standard, Atlanta GA September 27-28

Ebbets Field, Seattle, WA October 4-5

The Brooklyn Circus, Brooklyn NY December 6-7 (Finale)



We left Austin last week with our blood pumping to the beat of great hip hop and indie artists, who all came out to play Sneakers & Speakers at SXSW. The event supported the Rock On Foundation, founded by Red Mamba Matt Bonner of the San Antonio Spurs and his little (but still big) brother Luke. 

We chatted it up with hundreds of people who stopped by to see our set up and new Spring/Summer 2013 kicks. Everybody was loving the Windjammer Slip-On. Considering the sun beating down, they could see how it would be a cool option for summer. (Yeah, it’s hot in Austin.) Our custom button maker was also a huge hit, as Sandlot-themed buttons tempted the curious eyes of all who passed by.

Oh No! Oh My!, Feathers, Dallas Green (City and Colour), The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Chuck Inglish (The Cool Kids), and Stak5 all rocked the stage over the course of several glorious hours. We’re so glad we could be part of such a high energy event to raise awareness for the Rock On Foundation! Here’s to putting the fun on repeat for next year.