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GOT7 Member Introduction

I guess people liked my EXO intro, so I got a request from my boo thang wanting a GOT7 intro!


  • Real Name: Mark Tuan/ Tuan Yi Eun
  • Nicknames I Gave Him: Shy Guy, Cute Nose
  • Personality: He’s a shy, quiet guy who seems uninterested most of the time, but he really is a kind and caring guy. Once he breaks out of his shell, he’s extremely funny and I love his laugh.
  • He’s my boo bias. 
  • Age: 24 until September 4.
  • Position: He’s the oldest hyung, rapper, American in AmeriThaiKong line

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Fandom: Dramatical Murder  

Mind Break

Pairings: … Lion x Aoba. (… no seriously. Also Virus and Trip)

Rated: R

Warning: Bestiality, rape, Mind break.  (should be obvious but..)

Summary:  Based on that spoiler pic from Re:Code

Dedicated to: junjoupurelove and junjoupureporn. yay my first fanfic in this fandom. don’t say i never love this fandom Sagta~ fufu.


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