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2017/4/16@勢至公園、MC Rokkor PF 58mm F1.4
50mmの標準レンズはLeitz SUMMICRON-R 50/2で通そう、と思ったが、どうも肌に合わずMC Rokkor PF 58mm F1.4に戻ってきてしまった。焦点距離やヘリコイドの重さ、移り、全てがしっくりきてしまうのだ。

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Perhaps a weapon for a Lord pf Mind with the Chesskind specibus? I'm having difficulties with this one. The character's interests include dragons, strategy games, and art.

Well, if you’re a Lord…

Why not use a weapon that allows the Lord to make use of their minions?

The Multidimensional Miniature Chess Board!

You’ll have to bring your own pieces (minions) but this chessboard allows you to miniaturize yourself and your foes onto a chess board where the rules are slightly different every time you play!

Sometimes you’ll have to reach peace, sometimes you’ll have to create a Death Star, the goal is always different!

You’ll have to use the abilities of your custom pieces to the best of their ability in order to win, and should you win, you can use the enemies you defeat as chess pieces in your next game!

To alchemize this chess board, you’ll need a miniature version of the Battlefield, Dersite and Prospitian Carapace Shells, and a Random Rule Generator Program!

I hope you enjoy it!

~Weapons Master Blu

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Uma palavra, pf?*

“Lembrai-vos das coisas passadas da antiguidade: que Eu Sou Deus, e não há outro, Eu Sou Deus, e não há outro semelhante a Mim.” (Isaías‬ ‭46:9‬).

Lembre-se de tudo aquilo que Deus já fez na sua vida. As bênçãos, os milagres, os livramentos, as curas. Lembrou? Então, Ele ainda é o mesmo; não mudou em nada. Ele continua fazendo maravilhas e prodígios. Ele continua sendo fiel e justo. Tenha certeza disso, e confie nEle, verdadeiramente, de todo o seu coração. Deus não falha.

Deus lhe abençoe. 💛 Paz!

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Are Maximus and Maxine gay like their sister and what do they think of her dating chloe?

They don’t think much of it because Max isn’t dating Chloe lul……….

she’s dating victoria