10 Art Style Challenge + my style

Just a few of my old ocs I made at 13 and haven’t touched in years using some art styles I admire. I may do this again, it was really fun

Oc list w/ corresponding art style

1. Solomon Brand (The Boondocks)
2. Xero Kimora (A Silent Voice)
3. Tula (Nanbaka)
4. Mona Lisa (Bleedman)
5. Tasha Kour (Codename: Kids Next Door)
6. Harkonnen (Powerpuff Girls)
7. Nia Thompson (Steven Universe)
8. Fennec Nami (Phineas and Ferb)
9. Liam Night/Poetic Insomniac (Gorillaz)
10. DanDan ( @coulsart )
11. Hades (my style)

Don’t steal my art or my characters. I worked really hard on this.

Anonymous said: Could you maybe draw the members from MCR in dresses? (preferably revenge era aesthetic) btw I love your work!!! <3

Barely recovering from their infamous battle with the hockey and lacrosse teams that shook the school, the boys soon face a new kind of obstacle: senior prom!!!
In this exciting teen drama, questions abound: What will Gerard, Mikey, Ray, and Frank wear to the dance? Who is Mikey’s mysterious date? Will Gerard get to be prom queen? Does Ray have a dark secret? Will Frank and Gerard ever get together?
But most importantly, can these four social outcasts turn the school’s hierarchy on its head and go down in high school history as the most badass group of freaks ever to crash senior prom?
Find out this summer, in I’m Not Okay (I Promise) Part II: Prom Fright!!!

theme song: Give ‘Em Hell, Kid– My Chemical Romance
well don’t i look pretty walkin’ down the street in the best damn dress i own?

Ela é uma mulher de personalidade forte e, apesar da pouca idade, sabe muito bem o que quer e, principalmente, o que não quer.
—  Mais um café, por favor.