playlist numero #1

be  a doer, a thinker, a dreamer.

o.1 flume - bon iver, o.2 little darling - lewis watson, o.3 atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich, o.4 the violet hour - sea wolf, o.5 shooting the moon - ok go, o.6 the morning - the weeknd, o.7 clean slate - m.ward, o.8 blood - the middle east, o.9 the girl - city and colour, o.10 left behind - imperial mammoth, o.11 asleep - the smiths, o.12 pearly dewdrops' drop - cocteau twins, o.13 future - paramore, o.14 daydreaming - dark dark dark, o.15 nigt bus - lucy rose, o.16 home - gabrielle aplin.

This playlist is for all of you. As teenagers we tend to be emotionally unstable a lot of the time. Am I right? So, like our feelings, this playlist is all muddled up. It’s kind of up, then it’s goes down. There is something for every emotion. You may find yourself relating to a lot of the lyrics, the song titles or even the beats of the music. And that’s okay. This playlist is for the brokenhearted, the angry, the sad, the unappreciated, the happy and the sappy. Just remember to stay true to who you are and to your feelings. Stay fluorescent. x