Fanfiction comes to life: Redemption Harbour ♦ Chapter 26

‘I don’t love you.’ She looked directly at him. She said it clearly, strongly, certainly. She turned then, well aware of Lucas’ presence. She held her hand out and didn’t look back. Lucas’ fingers gripped hers tightly as he fort the urge to cross the room and make sure no words ever escaped Ian Banks’ mouth again. ‘Take me home.’ His need to pummel his fist into Ian’s dismayed face diminished with her plea. ‘Take me home.’


Peyton Sawyer Appreciation Week: Day 6 → Favorite storyline

[Psycho Derek storyline] -“I always imagined what it’d be like to know you. You know, to really get inside you. And now I can’t ever imagine not knowing you… not mattering to you. I matter to you, don’t I, Peyton?“