peyton the catfish

And we're wrapped!

Hey Bawlers!

Just checking in to let our fam know that Bawlin’ is officially in post-production. We wrapped last Saturday night after a long but awesome shoot. My mind was blown from the amount of talent in one room and I’m forever grateful that I got to share my first directing experience with such an amazing cast and crew. The amount of support I continue to receive from my peers through this process has been invaluable. I’m learning and growing every day and I seriously cannot wait to share our little movie with all of you!

We will be sharing our new promotional art very soon but in the mean time here’s a sneak peek of our editor Tom at work this morning!

We shall tag it #Charen ;)

Lastly, (and I really hate to put a damper on things but this needs to be addressed) it has been brought to our attention that a person by the name of Peyton Pittman has taken to posting false information about our movie on Twitter. As flattered as we are that someone would want to take credit for something they’ve never even seen, please note that this person is in no way, shape or form affiliated with our movie, cast or crew members. Donating $300 to our fundraising campaign for an “official” credit in order to successfully lie to people isn’t cool or fair to the fandom. Furthermore, we reserve the right to honor such credit when blatantly (and rather publicly) abused in this manner. Use common sense.