peyton i hate you

maya and lucas walking to class together and maya getting annoyed with having to keep up with lucas who walks faster than her with his long tall people legs so he always remembers to slow his pace for her

Honestly, after everything that was revealed and exposed the last few days…if I still see people hating on Peyton for “not coming back” or “leaving” or any of the crap that was said/done with her character after season 6, I’m about to go off.

Fear, Love, and Death - Bliv

Okay so that episode was really good, and the otp finally interacted and i’m going to live in my own little fantasy bubble, okay?

takes place immediately after/during the end of 3x03

“Fear of Death is the lock of humanities prison.”

Somethings just stick to you, you know? Like the old eighties music that played on the radio during the day, or that subconscious itch that came with getting your shots.

Her words were a mixture of both. Eating on him the rest of the day. At times filling him with a giddy warmth at the way her voice cracked. At the obvious fear and sadness that had been directed his way. All those little things that pointed towards the fact that maybe people did care. That maybe he wasn’t the waste of space that his father and Dr Chakrabarti considered to be.

But her words itched as well. Itched all day long because he didn’t know what they meant. Why had she looked at him like that when the doctor had come at him teeth bared? Like something inside of her was breaking for him. Like she wanted nothing more than to rush to his side and shield him from the pain. But mostly, she itched at the back of his mind because he didn’t know what all of this meant to him.

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Lucas & Peyton Appreciation Week
Day 7 -  Free choice (quotes by others)

the ones leaving hate on paris’ social media really need to chill. peyton and sabrina never said they were dating so why do i see all of these comments about him being sabrina’s man??? from what i know, guys and girls can have absolutely platonic relationships!!!! (wow! those exist!!!!) it’s looking like peyton has platonic relationships with sabrina, rowan, and the rest of the gmw cast. at the end of the day, he’s an actor, and anyone you ship his character with is also a character played by another person acting, and these ships don’t necessarily transfer over into real life.

if he’s dating paris, good for him!!!! two happy human beings being happy together!!!!! amazing!!!!! if he’s just friends with paris, also good for him!!!!!! two good friends having a good time together!!!!! also amazing!!!!!!

Peyton Meyer

I’m done.

I will be unfollowing/blocking anyone who posts hate or rumors about Peyton. I don’t care who you are. If this annoys you? Go ahead and block me now.

It’s absolutely disgusting how this fandom treats him. 

The guy gets hate for existing and it’s bullshit.

He gets hated on for everything

By all accounts? He’s a great guy (if you talk to people outside of the fandom)

His SM pages are full of hateful comments, including threats over what his CHARACTER has done…… 

The fandom is bothered by his personal endorsements…. Who gives a crap? He’s not endorsing anything illegal and I’m willing to bet if given the same opportunity? The majority, of those with something to say, would take it. Let him earn his money any way he can.

I’ve seen nothing about him donating his $5k paycheck (from Pilot) to the anti-bullying campaign (I read about it in a release from Pilot)

He talks to someone outside of the cast? He gets hate for it and so do they!

He doesn’t publicly post for Rowan’s birthday? The fandom takes umbrage.

It’s nobody’s damn business. 

 For a generation that preaches tolerance?

You hypocrites need to learn to practice what you preach…

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