I’ve had such a beautiful 4 days and the best birthday weekend and tumblr’s horseshit 10-photo limit is really crimping a kink in my dick here but anyway:

1-2. MORE birthday Cloud Blogging because I literally can’t stop, but in fairness to me, crepuscular rays!!!!!!!!!!!

3-5. Gratuitous body butter shots. The shea and mango butters whipped up so beautifully and once the oils and fragrance are added and it’s whipped again, jarred, and sets up, it takes on the most incredible texture that I want to eat it out of the jar and my husk is SO PLEASED. I modified my candle labels for the leftover butter in the smaller jar, and I like it better than the new one I pointlessly agonized over and wow who cares

6-10. Preliminary label studies/process picxz because yer girl’s making infused vodka for spring/summer gifts this year because a.) I am so tired of stuffing visa gift cards into shitty envelopes and b.) booze culture is all anyone cares about and my own ambivalence towards alcohol notwithstanding, this seems like an appropriate Warm Weather Activity.

  • First batch: mango and dragon fruit 
  • Second batch: pomegranate and something else (maybe dragon fruit again because it’s a good generic sweet base? or elderflower?!?)
  • I guess this qualifies but I really want to make limoncello from scratch too and I’m just very excited about all of this


aek;gjna;g there are actually people who say they’re not gonna go watch moonlight because of what just happened to la la land   girl, who hurt you