University of Virginia Graduates Catch Footballs and Wisdom From Peyton Manning

Quote Highlights:

“The choices in front of each of you are only as restrictive as you allow them to be.”

“Some people who never made the leap…will tell you that today is the divide between childhood and adulthood– between fantasy and the real world. They’ll tell you that it’s time to get serious because the real world is a cruel place, one in which you need to play by adult rules. Well, I disagree. If the real world isn’t kind to newcomers, it’s because the people in it choose to be unkind. You and your future co-workers have the ability to change that.”

“The sheer number of you creates a gigantic opportunity to change the workplace as we know it. Shake it up. Be the ones to open the shutters and let a little fresh air in. And while you’re at it, make the workplace a more civil place to be. You have the power to influence change in so many ways that have never existed before. Make kindness a priority, not a blurred line.”

“You’re the generation that can put ethics and values back in vogue again. You’re the generation that can challenge leaders in business, government and other professions to make decisions based not solely on the bottom line, but also what’s good for your community, and others halfway around the globe.”

“Work to find new solutions to old problems. Think outside the perimeters that restrict other peoples’ thoughts. Just because you’re a novice on the job, just because you haven’t faced the same challenges, just because you haven’t climbed the same cliffs, doesn’t mean that you can’t contribute to solutions in very significant ways.”

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