I found the exact moment Nox and I became true friends. This happened a day after he joined [Oops] and we were already on a crazy close level to peak at my penis in the guild hall

I’m writing this post because it’s his birthday today. He has everything ever in game and I spent a full 2 hours lurking the Trading Post trying to find something suitable to give him. What I want to give him is homemade chicken dumplings, a night out dancing, a brisket to twerk on, irl Rihanna to marry him and twerk on his paynus, a day out shopping for menswear swag, a cuddle with Baby Marillas, a decent GW2 endgame, a $50000000 gift certificate to Cracker Barrel…and a huge Citri hug, which is the best gift out of all lbr~

I see people misjudge Nox a lot and it is unfortunate, because Nox is a fantastic person, caring and intelligent and open, and I love him a lot and he’s da bes and he’s let me panic attack sob at him on Mumble and Skype and he’s let me be a catty bitch and he’s let me complain and encourage and be creative and persevere and vent and lead and laugh and love and keysmash and have confidence and faith to do things irl and we’ve been friends since the minute he joined [Oops] and I can’t wait until I live closer to him so we can do things irl friends do

What I’m trying to say is that Nox is awesome and deserves a great birthday and everyone should wish him a happy birthday in guild in game in skype irl etc <3


I finally got around to drawing the art requests my giveaway winners wanted lol #whenitsready

Nox wanted a picture of his Norn singing Drake at karaoke night and I also drew him a v. special carrot-studded Ham Mace fit for a commander

Bickies wanted a pic of her guardian and my warrior and said to make it epic and tbh what is more epic than her pouring me tea in space while we float around on pizza hoverboards

Shiny asked for some Cuzco/Citrie art so I drew us in true otp5ever style with little profession hearts and Persona arcanas <3


lol I just drew the winners for my birthday contest by putting all the notes from that post on a generator site and it drew my boyfriend first so I feel like I need to draw more winners since he wins at life everyday by hanging out with me tbqh

So congrats my winners <3333

Send me whatever instructions for whatever character or art you want drawn and also at some point I will send you your in-game prizes when I am not eating cold onion rings and watching Game Grumps <3