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Things My Parents Have Called Youtubers





“That internet man”

“Moustache guy”


“Septic man”

“The other internet man”

“The green man”

“Septic Irish man”

“Potty-mouthed Leprechaun”


“Poopie pie”

“Angry video game man”

“Swedish pug guy”

Matpat from game/film theory:

“Nerdy man”

“The guy that takes it too far”

“Musical theatre man”


Dan and Phil:


Dear @markiplier ,

You talk about respect on a basic level.
“Treat people the way you want to be treated.”
That disagreeing with someone is immediately hating that person. Maybe in some situations it is.

You do not need to treat people with respect.
They should be treated with civility. And even then, it is not a required thing.

I understand that you, in your non-Jewish way, do not think that Felix is an anti-Semitic person. But what he has done has Made Him one. If he did not make such jokes, he’d just be a person.

We all are equal. You said it yourself.
But making jokes that normalise the hatred and killing of an Entire Group is making that group, unequal. Lesser. It normalises such thoughts. People begin to have them unjokingly.

I’m not a Jewish person either Mark. I have, in the past, make Nazi jokes. And now, years later, I know in myself that is wrong. That they are unfunny. I have known this for years now. I am only 18 recently.
Felix is 27 years old.

You talk about respect? What about the THOUSANDS of people who have asked before, “Please. Stop making these jokes. The normalisation of bad ideals, even jokingly. It is hurting us. It is killing us. It has killed us. Please stop.”

Mark, I have watched you now, for about two years. And I’ve seen some personal growth in you, and you’ve made my days brighter.
But this is something,, that I have to talk about.

You are wrong. You are saying, not that “we should be good to each other”. No.
You are telling my Jewish best friend, you are telling my trans friends, you are telling my black-and-white, biracial self:
“People who think you should die, or that you are deserving of hurt, deserve respect.”

Mark. Please. You have to listen to yourself.
Just because you are friends with Felix does not mean you can just turn a blind eye to the horrid thing he has done.

If someone, while I was out at the store with my family, told me that “all niggers should die,” you want me. A young biracial woman who is afraid for her and her family’s lives. To respect a person who wishes harm to me and millions of others.
And if that same someone then proceeds to laugh it off. You want me to take such a thing lightly. Because “they deserve my respect.”
They do not.

People who joke about “fucking queers”. You want me to respect them.
People who have turned my existence on this earth into a joke.
People who say hurtful things. But it’s fine, “it’s just a joke.”

I won’t. I can’t.

You are, to my knowledge, a straight, cisgender, non-Jewish or Muslim or Hindu or other minority religion man.
At most, you know racism. And a differing version than myself.

You cannot tell a group of people who have been deeply cut by the actions of your friend to “respect him”.
He has done something that has disrespected and hurt them. He doesn’t deserve anything from them, not anymore.

If someone continuously made horrid jokes about how “all Koreans should die”, or that “they’re all like Kim Jong Il” would you respect that person, and their opinion?
Do you respect the people that say @/peebles should die because she’s dating you?

I’m trying to relate this to you so you can understand.

These people are rightfully angry. And their angry messages are justified.
I’m begging you to understand.

You said you have advocate the treatment of EVERYONE as an equal.
But I don’t. They don’t. We don’t. Have to treat people who joke about taking lives with respect. Nobody has said they’re inhuman. But they aren’t worthy of our concern after saying such (an) inhuman thing(s).

“Treat people the way you want to be treated”, you said. Maybe, large platform holders such as Felix should learn that. He has. Abused a large group of people with hateful speech.
How can stand by that like there is no problem.
I know you said you don’t condone his actions.
But there are plenty of men who say they don’t condone the harassment of women, who stand by and say nothing when their friend does that exact thing.
There are tons of people who say they don’t hate gay and/or trans people, yet stand idle as their friends say horrid things about them, “jokingly” or not.
There are lots of people who say they don’t hate black people, they have a black friend. And yet, never speak up while their white friends make jokes and say things that make their black “friend” uncomfortable.
And now there’s you. Not talking to Felix about his disgusting behaviour, but sending out an upset message to the People Who Are Rightfully Upset. To the people who feel betrayed.

Felix has sent out a message to his, what over 40mil fans, that making awful jokes, or Actually Believing such things is an alright thing to do.
How are you not outraged? And not with those upset people. With Felix.

Is it worse to you, really, to lose a friend than to stand for the right to feel safe of millions of people?

2017 so far....

Jacksepticeye and Wiishu are moving to Brighton

Markiplier, Ethan, Bob, Wade, Tyler, Amy, and Katherine are going on tour

Dan and Phil are moving

Thomas Sanders received an award 

Daz Black has been making more colab short movies 

And Pewdiepie….is well….Pewdiepie.

So this year so far is the year of change!….except for Pewds.

I’m super upset by this cuz I have no idea it was going on, but I’m glad Ethan said this.


Communities like ours are literally built on trust, kindness, and the need to keep each other alive. Ethan likes to thank us, and we thank him back, because we saved each other, so why is it the second some of us got to meet Ethan we suddenly are at each other’s throats?

To @crankgameplays and all of those that were threatened: I am so sorry. It may never get to meet Ethan but I can promise you that if you need someone to talk to I’ll be right here to stand up for you and your beautiful butt! I will never be jealous no matter who you get to meet because I’m lucky I ever even found this silly little website called YouTube, filled with these dorky guys, gals, and non-binary pals who make me happy!

I am here for you.
I love you.
I will take care of you.
I will protect you.
Because that’s what families do.

Get out of here.
Disable your accounts and don’t watch YouTube until you understand what it feels like to be alone.
Because we may not know your real identity, but we know your usernames, and that’s all we need to know to block, mute, and report you.
I don’t like to swear directly at people but lemme just say:
Fuck. You.
Fuck you and all that bullshit you decided to pull simply because some of us were lucky enough to go to Indy and meet some of the YouTubers that changed our lives.