me: i love youtubers, do you?

hater: i hate youtubers, they’re so stuck up. But you’ll go out with me still, right?




Congratulations to Pewdie! He deserves it so much, I can’t describe how proud I am of him. He started out this shy guy from Sweden who was afraid to even show his face, and now look where he is now. 10 million subscribers and he’s even willing to wrap his face in plastic wrap and cover it with nutella and hot sauce. And no matter what kind of drama happens in our fanbase and others, it’s nice to see there are bros who stay and bros who keep coming that’s just awesome guys. Point is he make people’s days so much brighter and put so many smiles on their faces. He’s definitely done it for me. He truly does deserve this; he works so hard for us bros and it’s finally paid off. Thanks for all the love, videos, and just being you, Pewds. 10 freaking million brofists are now coming your way <3 We love you so much.