Couples On Ice~!

I was supposed to upload this exactly on Christmas but busy stuff happened XD

 I decided it to finish this today so here! :D Merry Christmas to all and I hope y’all have a wonderful day!! <3

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You’ve got the (Un)Holy Trinity, the YGT. Paragons of Strength, Love and Respect. Now get ready for:

THE HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE feat. Infelix, Anti, and Dark

Infelix represents Pestilence. He is the one who spreads a horrendous plague. WIth his worldwide influence as PewDiePie’s dark ego, he has a large hold of the audience. Chances are, you are infected of his presence.

Antisepticeye represents War. He starts in little fights, then battles grow wide; and once in a convergence, becomes a devastating whirlwind. He preys on attention, bombastic and loud, preferring to provoke fear outright.

Darkiplier represents Famine. He is the embodiment of needs; yet manipulates you into thinking that you will get them through him. He makes you fall into a false sense of security yet strikes for you to crave, to want, to need his presence.

Together the Horsemen of the Apocalypse represent Death.

(@angstphilosophy​ Here you go, for your faves.)

I redrew a gif i did long ago for  the cringemas, to be in #finalfanartfriday. Finished this right on time, 10 august 17 OOF! I decided to draw them all with their cool new hairstyles! hopefully they keep the same clothes haha.

redraw of this gif from 11 december 2016.
I’m so happy on how this turned out, and also the due date for this event is my birthday so i shouldnt probably go to sleep now instead of posting at midnight :’D I hope you all like ahhh!!! @cheapcookiez


[´。✪ω✪。`]- Revelmode - #FinalFanartFriday


Last picture redraw of Revelmode. I reallly,sincerely loved them and supported the crew since the beginning.I believed in them more than i believe in everything else hehe! All their charity donations, streams and events ,i’m genuinely sad it had to be ended so fast.

 Side story / I participated to every single of their #FanartFriday (i missed the first one but eh). Sometimes missing 1 or two nights of sleep or drawing during classes but waAhtever. That was every week a creative and challenging event .Some adrenaline for an artist like me!

tbh,I think ,no, i’m deadly 100% sure that the community manager was Felix. (At least,for the first months,before recruiting a new one.) I guess that’s him who originally had this idea of #FanartFriday and i’d like to personally thanks him for that. i had a blast from the beginning to the end ! It’s hard to find every week a new theme.Sometimes it’s cool,sometimes it’s weird! However,that was always entertaining! 

Thanks for everything !  ٩(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)۶


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I still listen to this remix :)
What’s your favorite song/music inspired to Poods?