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mkay everyone buckle up ive made the executive decision that im in charge of ninjago now and were making some CHANGES over here

so first off, nya. is getting the love she deserved back since the beginning. Also im updating her outfit right now she just looks like a branch off of kai. Its RED why is her WATER outfit RED

basically expect nya to start getting written well.

skylor? remember her? she joining the team. she deserves it. but her bad hetero romance with kai is getting scrapped i dont care if you ship them thats fine but this show does NOT know how to write romance its bad

man i have so much clean up to do with jaya after skybound. skybound was so bad.

also on the subject of romance, whatever forced hetero romance they’ve undeniably written for lloyd gets scrapped. nah man hes getting a boyfriend and a well written romance

another lloyd thing- hes getting a therapist. its unlikely the therapist will ever show up on screen, but therapist will most DEFINITELY be mentioned in passing.

these are the ideas i have rn bc i just woke up and am suddenly really bitter but what im saying is put me in charge of ninjago

anonymous asked:

Please give me every hollenstein headcanon you have I love them please

yo, anon, that’s like, a lot, but you can have a few more about them at concerts

  • Laura takes them to embarrassingly poppy concerts with like thousands of people in attendance and she’s one of those screaming fangirls who sing along really exuberantly with every single line and like, no judgment, but Danny and Carmilla are, to be honest, terrified, and also they spend a lot of time deflecting attention from Laura when she tries to get into arguments about the artists’ favourite colours and what the songs mean and shit like that
  • (also, if they’ve managed to wrangle tickets for the pit, Carmilla bows out because it’s hot and sticky and there’s too many bodies and not enough air, but Danny goes because Laura needs a shoulder to sit on)
  • Also like, who doesn’t like Beyonce, what the fuck 
  • (IT’S NOT LAURA’S FAULT SHE WAS BORN THIS WAY she’s just short there’s nothing to be ashamed about anyway the view is amazing and it’s practically part of danny’s workout routine, whatever, she’s just helping)
  • Danny makes them go to The xx (two nights in a row) and Laura really likes them the second time around and Carmilla pretends they’re not hardcore enough for her but she sits between the two and slides her hand through theirs during Shelter anyway
  • Danny also takes them to Kelly Clarkson she knows all of the words to ALL OF THE SONGS W H A T E V E R
  • (They end up with nine - N I N E - tickets to P!nk because they wanted to surprise each other and they end up bringing Perry, LaF, Kirsch, Elsie and they hold a raffle for SumSoc and the Zetas and give away the last two) 
  • Carmilla takes them to underground clubs near Silas and gets them to listen to lots of local bands that play like, this modernised mish-mash of experimental jazz and idm and early punk and play using theremins and forks and rose petals, which Laura nods her head along to, but really Laura keeps agreeing to go because she gets to safely try a lot of different cocktails while watching Carmilla looking so relaxed and unselfconsciously rocking out
  • Danny makes vaguely disgruntled faces and mutters under her breath about Carmilla having no taste at all and gods, what is that screeching noise but two weeks later Carmilla finds a lot of the stuff on Danny’s running playlist, so hah
  • (But Carmilla also casually leaves really expensive, front-row tickets for Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift out on the counter and feigns surprise at finding them there)
  • (she’s an embarrassingly terrible actor oh god)