pew queue pew

mkay everyone buckle up ive made the executive decision that im in charge of ninjago now and were making some CHANGES over here

so first off, nya. is getting the love she deserved back since the beginning. Also im updating her outfit right now she just looks like a branch off of kai. Its RED why is her WATER outfit RED

basically expect nya to start getting written well.

skylor? remember her? she joining the team. she deserves it. but her bad hetero romance with kai is getting scrapped i dont care if you ship them thats fine but this show does NOT know how to write romance its bad

man i have so much clean up to do with jaya after skybound. skybound was so bad.

also on the subject of romance, whatever forced hetero romance they’ve undeniably written for lloyd gets scrapped. nah man hes getting a boyfriend and a well written romance

another lloyd thing- hes getting a therapist. its unlikely the therapist will ever show up on screen, but therapist will most DEFINITELY be mentioned in passing.

these are the ideas i have rn bc i just woke up and am suddenly really bitter but what im saying is put me in charge of ninjago