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trc hogwarts au: do you think gansey is trying to wake dumbledore? does blue like divination? is ronan's favorite subject defense against the dark arts? does adam hang out in the shrieking shack? is noah still a ghost????? or a werewolf??? i have so many questions

I’ve been low key waiting for someone to ask me about a Hogwarts/Harry Potter au….. every time I enter a new fandom I hunt down the hp au’s bc they are MY FAVE and I am READY TO GO

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About the horcruxes

I hear people saying stuff about how Harry had 1/8th of Voldemort in him, but he didn’t.

If you think about, only one horcrux is intended to be made, but Voldemort pushed that boundary, to create 6 horcrux therefore having his soul in 7 parts, but he accidentally imparted some Tom into Harry.

But if you do the maths each time you create a horcrux you split your soul in half.
So when the diary was turned into a horcrux, it contained half of Voldy’s soul, leaving him with half his soul left.
So the ring would contain ¼ of his soul ‘cuz he only had half a soul to impart.

So here a lowdown
Diary: ½ of his soul
Peverall ring: ¼
Hufflepuff cup:1/8
Slytherin locket: 1/16
Ravenclaw diadem: 1/32
Nagini : 1/128

So no, I. Don’t think Voldy’s managed to split his soul equally into eighths, but it’d be nice if he could.

The amount of which I want a Hogwarts Founders show is frightening