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Mistletoe Edmund :)

Every year in Narnia, mistletoe would “magically” appear throughout the castle. No one would actually put it up during the official decorating of Cair Paravel so they were always confused as to how it got into the most random places. Edmund was, of course, the culprit. He found it a kind of Christmas version of his pranking. It was all fun and games until he got caught underneath it once.

Evil’s Offer

I just have been thinking recently on how the White Witch in the beginning told Edmund that she’d make him a prince. 

I just find it so ironic, because he was always destined to be king. 

And I just chewed on that thought for a while, and I realized that it’s what evil always does: It knows our destiny and our potential, and it does everything in its power to sell us the cheaper version. It knows if we step into our true potential at full capacity, its stronghold of power crumbles. 

I hope I never make the mistake of choosing the knock-off version of my own destiny. I guess the best way to know is to never accept the version that puts you in a position under evil’s feet. 

If only evil was always so recognizable as the White Witch. 

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what do u think each of the pevensies favorite subjects and clubs were?

peter: peter pevensie is a history nerd okay and he’s in the drama club!! also probably in the world events club

susan: her favorite subject was english. it’s the one that came most naturally for her so it ended up being the only one she likes. the only clubs i can see her in is like one that helps people (she’s also on the swim team)

edmund: i feel like edmund’s favorite is science (i think he liked seeing how things worked) and he’s in photography club and clichely in chess club

lucy: her favorite subject is probably english too?? she’s in art club and a nature type of club

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Pevensie's Christmas drink preferences!

I actually love this. Here we go:

  • Peter: Eggnog. He loves it. Even better with a bit of peppermint on top.
  • Susan: Spiced Wine. It’s warm and nice, and she only drinks it seasonally.
  • Edmund: Hot Cocoa. It might be cliche, but he’s a sucker for sweet drinks.
  • Lucy: Peppermint Hot Chocolate. Liked Edmund, she likes hot cocoa, but she also likes the coolness of peppermint in the winter.

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christmas tree & lucy

In England, Lucy couldn’t always decorate the tree the way she wanted, since all of her guardians were always cautious with glass ornaments. So, in Cair Paravel, she cut down a smaller tree just for her room. She decorated it like crazy and exactly how she wanted. It was a bit messy and scattered, but had its own beauty somehow.