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Relationship Status: Single.

Favourite Colour: It was red, but I’m not so sure now. Lilac has been attracting me lately. 

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick, even though I don’t use it so often. 

Last Song I Listened To: Atlantis by Seafret

Top Three Shows: The 100, Doctor Who and Gravity Falls.

Top Three Characters: Jasper Jordan, Sue Heck and Edmund Pevensie.

Top Three Ships: Bellarke (The 100/Bellamy and Clarke), Kabby (The 100/Kane and Abby) and Jily (Harry Potter/James and Lily).

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letthebookbegin  asked:

Which of the Pevensie siblings do you think were closest to each other?

I definitely feel like Edmund and Lucy would be closest to each other.

So, Edmund and Lucy are the youngest which means they’re kind of detached from their older siblings. Peter and Susan would obviously try to do lots of things with Lucy and Edmund but at the end of the day, they’re The Older Siblings™. They’re not siblings at times either. They’ve made themselves into this image of Second Parents and so Lucy and Edmund understand that Susan and Peter are their older siblings but there’s still this feeling of “they’re more like my parents than my siblings” which makes it hard for them to really be close. And Susan and Peter were close but they weren’t that close as they were focused on protecting their siblings and didn’t need to take too much care of each other as they knew the other could handle themselves.

Edmund and Lucy would have connected not just as being The Younger Siblings but also as the ones that everyone unintentionally pushed to the side and underestimated. That would lead to them constantly with each other, supporting each other as everyone else looked down on them.

I also feel like after all of the mistreatment on Edmund’s part toward Lucy, he would have tried to make it up as much as possible to her by being as nice as he could. He would always try to be there for her, always try to have a nice word for everything, listening to her. And she would appreciate that because while Susan and Peter would be the ones constantly advising her one way or another, Edmund would be the one that would actually listen and instead of guiding her around, he would let her go down her own path. Lucy would also be so supportive of him and always trying to help him be the best person he could be and try to shed the title of traitor.

I could go on all day but basically, Edmund and Lucy would be the closest.


Narnia character posters: the Pevensies

“Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy…”


Okay but I just imagine the Pevensies going to their respective schools after Prince Caspian, and it doesn’t take the other kids long to notice something is…off about them.
There’s something rough in the edges of Peter that the worst of the other boys keep getting cut on. Something powerful and confident. He was always likable, the shining golden child that the school trots out as a perfect example to incoming students, but now he is strong, he has emerged from the countryside a leader. He stands up to bullies, he always has, but he’s more eager to get into a fight these days than to talk them down. He’s a strong hand and quick word, but there’s power to back it up this time.
There’s something in the way Susan tilts her head that makes her seem like a woman. The way she carries herself high and tall, the proud line of her shoulders as she walks down the hall that makes some lable her to high and mighty for her own good. The world doesn’t know what to do with queens, and that’s what Susan seems to be these days.
There’s something dark lurking in Edmund that makes the other boys uneasy. Something wild and untamed in the now quiet boy. He no longer gets into fights, no longer bullies or mocks the others. In fact, he’s taken to stopping fights, to pushing back against his former friends when they try to take things to far. His roomate claims he wakes screaming from nightmares sometimes, and the stillness of his presence belies the intensity of his eyes.
There’s something burning in Lucy that wasn’t before. All the teachers comment on it. There’s something loud and cheerful in the girl who used to be quiet, and she makes friends even faster than before, pulled in by her captivating orbit. She spins fantastic tales, and is scolded for having her head in the clouds. She tells her tales of magical kingdoms as if she were really there, and gets sad sometimes, as if she misses the people who were never there.

Everyone agrees that something happened to the Pevensie children in the country, but they never talk about it. The adults eventually just chalk it up to the war, and almost forget about the strange children that populatetd their classrooms, until they read about the tragedy in the paper. Then they remember. And they never forget.
So I had a thought.

CS Lewis said that Susan’s story “wasn’t over”.

Remember that time in Prince Caspian when Lucy had to go wake the others because she’d seen Aslan? And she was supposed to have them follow? And Ed voted for her, instead of against her like last time? And they all went, and they couldn’t see Aslan at first? Then Ed could. Then Peter could. And it took Susan the longest. But she could eventually. She apologized.

Now apply this to the train wreck scenario. Or pre-wreck, first off. Maybe life post-Narnia for the Pevensies was like this scenario.

Lucy and Edmund and Peter remember what Aslan had told them about “finding him in their world” and “learning to know him by that name”. In this scenario, it’s Lucy who gets it first. She was closest to him, anyway. Then she tells the others. Susan dismisses it as “games we played as children.” Peter says it’s best not to assume until they have more information. But Ed, remembering how Lucy has always been right about these things, especially concerning Aslan, believes her. Ed and Lucy then convince Peter.

They see Aslan again. In their world. But Susan doesn’t see him yet. And then there’s the wreck, and Susan is left behind, “no longer a friend of Narnia”.

But if we follow the trend with that scene in Prince Caspian, Susan sees Aslan eventually. That’s my main argument for why I believe “her story isn’t finished yet”. It’s just like when Lucy had to go wake the others, and only Ed believed her at first. Then Peter. And then, after awhile, after all the others, maybe after she had allowed herself a wild thread of hope… Susan believed as well, and saw Aslan.

I have no idea if this is a parallel that CS Lewis intended. But in that scene, Susan was the last to see Aslan after all the others did. That’s strikingly similar to her predicament post-wreck.

Just thoughts.