Greetings. May I ask you for some of your precious time?  Me and my friends have been asked to make a research for our health care-class. Many others did it small, but we’re heading for a big deal. The first thing we thought were the kind people of tumblr. So we ask, could you fill these questions as honestly as you can?  This test will take a few minutes, depending on your answers. No names will be revealed! 
We thank you for your cooperation. :) Please return the quiz via tumblr ask or e-mail ( If you have any questions, please contact me (

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There is one commercial in Finland, who promises loan and so.
Commercial tells about dude who goes to the nightclub and gets STD and he needs a loan to gets some meds to it. 
There´s nothing funny in that, but. If you don´t pay much attention to the commercial and just glance it quickly, that dude looks just like Castiel 

Weekend was pretty epic, and is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy to boring to be at home asdasdas Conventions are always so nice and good.
Typing and stuff not making sense, srsly just got home and took my cosplay off and sadkhbfkje Im fucking tired and missing peoples already :I 
But hey yeah uuhh, thankies for the people who made the con so awesome! Love you guise! And special thanks to Lokimaster who was my travelling company (stupid trains lolololololo) and Miksu who is always so sweet<3 (suddenly blackout unohdin siun niccis sorisorisori öhöhöhö) and Equalspeeta  /What are we doing, where are we going, tell me, the angel of The Looooooooorrrrddddd~ /

Peura is out->