What’s Your Nom De Plume? | D2DTips

More and more online writers are posting their work under a pen name (also called pseudonym or nom de plume) or some odd collection of letters and numbers instead of using their real name. Not using your real name is fine, and sometimes preferential as will be discussed further in this article. Creating an alter-ego has a long history of use by some the great authors of history. In fact, it was a necessity for some authors publishing controversial scientific and political messages to use a pseudonym disconnected from their real identity for self-protection. Books and Authors Online writing is a different animal and the reasons for publishing under a pseudonym or compilation of letters and numbers does create advantages and disadvantages. Some people feel that it gives them a sense of security or privacy; some just think they have created a cute moniker. However, one of the problems content writers and bloggers are now finding that when they post under a non-name (meaning identifying