• natgeo Photo by @renan_ozturk // 81 year old ‘Grandma’ holds a basket of corn grown by her grandson on the Cochiti Peublo Native American reservation in New Mexico. Completion of the massive earthen Cochiti Dam in 1973 and the resulting seeping and flooding nearly destroyed farming here but her family is hanging on. The last few days we ate fresh tamales from their farm and listened to her stories as she gave one of the most poignant and heartfelt interviews we’ve experienced as filmmakers. ~

    @talyorfreesolo and I have just begun work with director @mrsanjayr on a new feature doc about Native American food systems. I’m excited to help tell this story since it’s a way to educate on the complex and horrific history with the tribes but at the same time highlight the resilience that is ongoing. If we are going to be sustainable for years to come with food in this country we have a lot to learn from the time tested practices of the tribes. #arisefilm @sterlinharjo@fndi303 @camp4collective