why is Petyr the most hated character in the GoT fandom? srsly. he’s super neat. does no one appreciate a well written character these days…..why y’all into boring characters that are as predictable as the Teletubbies. geez

also there’s no way Sansa is going to be happy when he dies. be a bit realistic. princess moustache has a special place in her heart. they’ve been through a lot. together. even if his death is deserved. it will not be a scene in which she parties. on the contrary. she will be very hurt when he is no more. but she’ll find consolation in the thought that it was justice. still …… she’ll miss him.

Today is Aidan’s birthday and i trully wish him all the best! He’s such a great actor and human being ❤ i’m not in this sinfull fandom for so long(10 months and 3 days) but i am so happy i found it and am a part of it! I really think that Aidan is extremely special and awesome. His acting skills amazed in the moment i saw him and i fell in love with him and Baelish emediatly ❤ i just wish him all the best and more and more success and happiness of course!