The Bastards and the Beasts

It’s very interesting that between the Stark sisters, each girl has three male figures that significantly affect their storylines and/or their public figures. For Arya, this is Jon Snow, Ramsay Snow, and Gendry - three bastards, two of which are of royal descent. For Sansa, this is Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, Tyrion “The Imp” Lannister, and Sandor “The Hound” Clegane - three men who are vilified both within the context of the series’ world and fandom, to the point that they are more often referred to by their nicknames than their true names. 

It’s understandable that for Arya, a girl who is unfazed by class and hierarchy, the three male figures that affect her moving storyline are bastards. Since the start we are shown that she does not care for bloodlines or birth; a person’s worth comes from their soul. Jon, her favorite brother, straddled the line of treason in his tenure of Lord Commander when he sent Mance Rayder to Winterfell in order to steal Arya back to him. After he receives the Pink Letter, he makes the decision to break his vows to ride to Winterfell, but is killed before he can carry it out. Ramsay Snow marries “Arya Stark” in order for House Bolton to stake a claim on the north; as her husband, he publicly tortures and humiliates the figure of Arya Stark, and acts as the foil and adversary to Jon Snow by catalyst of her. Gendry is Arya’s unsuspecting companion from her start on the road; they help each other all through the riverlands, and play on a strong team dynamic. When he is offered knighthood, Gendry makes the decision to leave Arya, though he seems to have come to regret that when Brienne comes upon him at the inn.

Sansa loves beauty. She loves songs and tales, pretty silks and lively court life; she wanted to be queen to be loved, and her notions of life were very much naive and built on fantasy. There is an ironic sort of poetry in her three male figures being unconventional by beauty’s standards. Littlefinger is of low birth, short, slender, with seemingly no skills of gallantry or strength; despite this, he is cunning and unassuming, which serves his purpose of later rescuing Sansa from court all the better. Tyrion is forcibly married to Sansa in order for House Lannister to stake their claim on Winterfell; though a Lannister, he is considered unattractive by most all, though he is no less intelligent and cunning for what he lacks in “beauty.” The Hound is gruff and mean, with a horribly burnt face that, in some parts, reveals bone and sores. At court with Joffrey, he helps Sansa learn how to appease and deal with the king. Later, he decides to leave her, and seems to come to have regret the decision. Furthermore, all three men are around the age of 30, which is far older than what Sansa finds ideal.

I just find it really interesting how the girls’ “three” parallel one another; Jon and Petyr both put into motion the plans to save the girls from abusive men/their husbands by proxy of Mance Rayder and Dontos (though one was successful where the other was misled), Ramsay and Tyrion were both matched with “Arya” and Sansa respectively to claim Winterfell, and Gendry and Sandor were the girls’ companions and protectors at times after Ned was killed, and later leave the girls. And of course the motifs of bastards and “beasts” really play into each girl’s personality, interests, and arc.

omniamutanturnihilinterit  asked:

I still can't figure out Petyr or Varys. Do you have any insight into who they are and what their actual agenda's are? Varys has been around long enough, and their are a lot of clues like his hatred of magic and past with Illyrio and whatnot, but I can't make it hang together to get a feel for what is going on with him. Same with Petyr. He seems like a cheap scam artist who thinks he's smarter than everyone else but is mostly just someone who tears everything down (dare I say Trumpian).

Honestly, I don’t think either is that complicated in terms of what’s driving them, for all the intricacy that goes into the execution in both cases. 

IMO Varys is being completely honest when he relates his backstory to Tyrion and his endgame to Kevan, and indeed, they make sense taken together. As @racefortheironthrone has argued, the man who’s risen from begging on the streets while recovering from mutilation to become one of the most influential people on the planet wants to use that influence to fix the system that put him through that. It’s an admirable endgame, but Varys is far too sanguine about the oceans of blood he’s helping unleash to get there, and his solution (turning it all over to his “perfect prince”) is dangerously wrongheaded.  

As for Littlefinger, he didn’t get his teenage crush, so therefore the world should burn. That’s really all there is to the man; everything else is but a Jenga tower he’s built on that base (and Sansa will eventually bring it crashing down). There’s a hole inside he can’t fill, and he doesn’t care about the widespread consequences of his attempts to fill it. 

So both the spider and the mockingbird have devoted their lives to righting the wrongs of their youth, and both see devastating civil war as collateral damage, but to my mind, Varys’ motives and overall worldview are considerably more admirable than Littlefinger’s (and his backstory more sympathetic), though I’d ultimately condemn them both. 

Petyr x Sansa week day 5: greed

She’s greedy, she knows, as she reaches for the last lemon cake at dinner.

Her aunt Lysa frowns at her and tells her that she will grow fat and undesirable if she continues to eat the way she does. So she puts the cake back.

Petyr purses his lips at his wife as she glares at Sansa. She’s sure that hates her, and he has nothing to politically gain, so why did he marry her? Why say those vows when you intend on sneaking into another girl’s bedroom every night and break them? Sansa could hardly judge him for that though. She’s the one who allows him to touch her in those sinful ways. Ever since she decided to give him her maidenhead instead of Lord Tyrion when she learnt of her betrothal, she had willingly let him have intercourse with her nightly. Sometimes, she even went to him like the terrible, greedy girl she is.  

Sansa decides not to eat anymore after her scolding, but watches as her aunt Lysa piles her plate high for the second time that evening. They eat together like this most evenings. “Like a happy family,” Lysa had exclaimed during their first meal together, but Sansa knew that they were no family. Sansa mislikes her aunt, who feels the same without a doubt, she has to act like a mother to her young cousin whom she is soon to be betrothed to, and nightly she fucks the man who is her uncle by law. There is nothing happy nor familial about their situation.

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dangerisaround  asked:

It's gonna be long. Sorry. But I hope you'll answer me. Part 1: Hi! I'm not really into shipping. I love asoiaf. I love Sansa and LF, as individuals.I'm not going to bash you. I respect you, you seem like a kind person.

Part 2: My sister adores you and the PXS ship. I respect that, and I use her tumblr account right now I, former victim of a child abuser, think that Sansa is also a victim. I don’t want you to think that I’m like those hateful anon, ok? Part3: Maybe I haven’t understood GRRM’s work. Maybe I haven’t recovered of what I’ve been through as a child and maybe I am biaised by that. I feel like Sansa doesn’t really understand Petyr’s actions and that she allows him to be close to her cause he has helped her. I kinda reckon that LF has developped feelings for Sansa for other reason that her being Cat’s daughter. LF likes her cause he likes her wit, her braveness, not only because she looks like the woman he loved years ago. LF isn’t a paedophile. No he isn’t. He’s not Nabokov’s Humbert Humbert, completely obsessed by young girls. But still, LF is obsessed by Sansa, not because she is young. Sansa would have been older, I’m pretty sure that LF would still be attracted to her. Sansa is young, she’s shattered by all the shit that the Lannisters have made her through. LF saved her, gave her a whole new identity and LF uses this fact to make her feel like she’s indebted to him. And deep down I think she is scared of what he might do if she rejects him completely.I’d really like to know your thoughts about this. May be you’ll change my mind! English isn’t my mother tongue.

Wow, what an ask! I’ll start this off by saying thank you for your kind approach to this. I love when people are willing to have educated discussions versus spouting hate and being lame. Tell your sister I love her! xx

Now, for my response. Long story short, Sansa is not afraid of Petyr Baelish. She’s wary of Littlefinger, as she should be, and she recognizes that they are two different facets of the same man. He is not a sexual predator, he cares for her, and these two different parts of him are, I believe, at war with one another when it comes to Sansa Stark. 

More under the cut.

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Walking Contradiction

Anonymous asked: Hiya! If it’s not to much trouble, would you write a Petyr x Reader imagine where the reader is really sweet and nice but very smart and cunning and she falls in love with him? Like, she’s the perfect lady but can outwit anyone? If not thanks anyway! P.S love your blog :D

Here you go, anon! I do not own Petyr. He belongs to George R.R.Martin. (Reminder that GoT requests are currently closed.)

Warnings: manipulation…forced betrothal, I guess.

Pairings: Petyr Baelish x fem!reader

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Petyr stared at you in disbelief. Never had he met a more cunning woman. Not even Cersei. Cersei was cunning in a different way.  You knew just how to manipulate people without them knowing they were being manipulated and the best part? You never acted anything less than the perfect lady. “Good evening, Lord Baelish,” you greeted with a smile. To anyone else, it would seem like just a friendly gesture, but Petyr knew better. He knew that smile hid something.

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GOT Party 

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Jon is such a terrible leader that some of his own men decided to kill him and, after he died, the others who had no part in it didn’t seem to mind at all that it happened. And Jon has been even more dumb since coming back to life. 

Petyr is a self-made man who knows what he’s doing. Yeah, you can’t trust him but at least he’s intelligent and is a hard worker who knows what it’s like to be absolutely nobody. 

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Eh, it’s a shorty, but I’ll have a bigger chapter coming next. :D