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Prince Barty had, for a long time, been betrothed to Jamie’s older sister – a fact that pained her more and more every day that she got to know him. At first he’d seemed standoffish and rude, but she was coming to understand that he’d never wanted the engagement and that his father was ruthless in his treatment of the young man. Watching him from an arched doorway, the younger of the princesses couldn’t help but feel a pang of sympathy, and perhaps something like longing.

The party was in full swing and the focus was, naturally, Jamie’s sister Petunia. She was content to hang out on the sidelines; while she knew her parents loved her very much, she did not receive a great deal of their attention, let alone anyone else’s. And Barty looked unhappy as well, attempting to cut his way through the crowd for – well, somwehre else, she supposed.

mirandalambert: #throwbackthursday 2014 when I assisted on a last minute rescue mission in Oklahoma and found my future puppy niece Rosie (and her sister Petunia) @ashleymonroemusic I’m so glad you adopted these Angels. @muttnationfoundation #rescue #loveashelterpet #rosieandpetunia #toungeout

Okay no but imagine this
  • James Potter and Lily Evans have just recently begun dating. 
  • During their many late-night conversations, Lily discusses the aspects of her Muggle upbringing to James
  • After a while, James gets curious enough to meet Lily’s parents and sister, to give her sister a “piece of his mind” 
  • But also to see all those cool Muggle things she talked about in person
  • Because what else could be more fascinating
  • After many protests from Lily, she gives up and lets James come to her house shortly after they leave Hogwarts
  • And James tries desperately to keep his cool, but he can’t hold it in and he finds items such as pens, phones and credit cards and obsesses over them
  • After a while he goes out to the yard 
  • And he finds the trampoline that Lily and Petunia played on when they were kids
  • And he asks Lily what it’s for
  • And when he finds out he goes up on there and he just jumps on it like a maniac
  • And Lily smiles
  • Because there he was, the “super cool” James Potter, in all his glory, jumping up and down with excitement, filled to the brim with more joy than a 5 year old
  • And before she knows it, James drags her to the trampoline and makes her jump with him
  • And one of their earliest dates consists of them jumping up and down on the trampoline, not giving a care in the world
  • And before Lily knows it, the next few days consist of Remus, Sirius and Peter coming to her house at random times just to go on the trampoline
  • The day before Lily moves out, the 5 of them are jumping on the trampoline while a disdainful Petunia, who is visiting her parents, glares at them from the house
  • And a war is going on
  • They had just left Hogwarts and had no idea what to do next
  • And they had no clue what was to come
  • Yet, that particular day, they were children again
  • Jumping, flying through the air
  • Innocent, carefree

Gardevoir OCs!

Character - Artist (Tumblr/Deviantart)

Airalin - RakkuguyRakkuguy
Jenine - Dorian-BC / The-Overfiend
Lucy - Vilcurio / JCDR
Lapis - Lapisthegardevore / LapistheGardevore
Petunia - theshinyfurfrou / ItsRamos
Eli - Mrploxy / MisterPloxy
Sana & Eru - Sougetsu
Orchid Rakima - Pelleelle / Elias501

Wizarding World: Marauders Era

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin hang out in Starbucks all day. While Remus tries to do work, Sirius orders a number of drinks under different pseudonyms, with a different persona each time. Remus takes his only coffee with one cream, one sugar. Sirius spills it all over the table and has to buy him another one.

Andromeda Tonks gets a disproportionate amount of flak from her sisters for ordering a regular coffee, instead of something more magical.

R.A.B. never picks up his espresso.

Lily brings Petunia to Starbucks with her, but Petunia refuses to order anything.

James Potter orders a series of increasingly complicated drinks to try to impress Lily Evans. She is uninterested in all of them. Finally, he approaches her and asks her how she takes her coffee. “One sugar, one cream,” she tells him. He returns with two of those and asks if he can sit with her and drink them. She obliges.

Sirius pays Remus five galleons.

Myrtle drinks too much caffeine and finds she desperately needs a bathroom.

Frank Longbottom and Alice arrive for their coffee date. Frank accidentally spills both drinks; luckily Alice is charmed by his clumsiness and pays for the next round.

Lucius Malfoy goes up to the counter and orders hot tea with lemon. He doesn’t drink any refined sugars.

Arthur Weasley is fascinated by all the odd muggle technology. While the baristas try to keep their customers calm, he tries tinkering with an espresso machine. The fire grows.

Fabian and Gideon Prewett order coffees together, drink them in unison, and leave. Fabian leaves his watch on Molly Prewett’s coffee table as they depart for the unknown.

Nicholas Flamel remains seated in the corner, sipping at his umpteenth concoction.

Peter Pettigrew buys the Marauders a round of drinks: a coffee with cream for Remus, a white chocolate mocha for James, a caramel macchiato for Sirius and one espresso for himself. They toast their latest victories and down their drinks before setting off into the world together.

little tidbit from today guys:

so I’m standing talking to tobs at the corner of the field and moe walks out of the tunnel next and I’m like omfg. she comes up to us and she’s like “hey Allie” (WHY IS EVERYONE ADDRESSING ME BY NAME) so I go “hey…bean” kind of jokingly and she and Tobin laugh and we all start talking about how the newbies call her bean so it’s starting to catch on. so I go “moe, now that we know why they call you bean you have to tell me why Steph is called hood rat McCaffrey” and she laughs and is like “actually that’s just what Steph calls herself” and right at that moment hood rat McCaffrey and panic petunia walk out right. so me Tobin and moe are standing there and moe goes “Steph! she wants to know why you’re called hood rat McCaffrey” and Steph lITERALLY GOES “because I just thought I looked like a hood rat that day” and we all laugh and Steph’s smiling like she’s happy I care about her too and not just the WC ppl bc I think that’s what they expected. and then I ask Sam “so why are you panic petunia” and SAMs like “cuz sometimes I get really anxious so they all started calling me panic petunia” and all 5 of us are laughing and thE END ILL TELL MORE LATER

Inspired by Ellie’s graphic.

Harry Potter Series

I’m not a freak,’ said Lily. ‘That’s a horrible thing to say.

‘That’s where you’re going,’ said Petunia with relish. ‘A special school for freaks. You and that Snape boy … weirdos, that’s what you two are. It’s good you’re being separated from normal people. It’s for our safety.’

Lily glanced towards her parents, who were looking around the platform with an air of wholehearted enjoyment, drinking in the scene. Then she looked back at her sister, and her voice was low and fierce.

‘You didn’t think it was such a freak’s school when you wrote to the Headmaster and begged him to take you.’

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