1. Helleborus Winter Jewel // Onyx Oddyssey
  2. Helleborus X Hybridus Winter Thrillers // Grape Galaxy
  3. Chocolate Cosmos
  4. Black Calla Lily
  5. Asiatic Lily
  6. Black Velvet Petunia
  7. Karma Choc Dahlia 

Just a few flowers I’d put in the “goth section” of my dream garden, alongside gargoyles. I’d probably throw in some Persian shield for foliage, maybe some other dark coleus. 


I dont want to study for my exams and I want to draw shitty memes

some notes:

  • Regulus is trying to be cooler than his brother.
  • Petunia would rather die than sit on the wizard’s sofa. 
  • Bellatrix is wearing red so you wont see the blood 
  • and Barty just don’t give a fuck.

Knew!” shrieked Aunt Petunia suddenly. “Knew! Of course we knew! How could you not be, my dratted sister being what she was? Oh, she got a letter just like that and disappeared off to that-that school - and came home every vacation with her pockets full of frog spawn, turning teacups into rats. I was the only one who saw her for what she was - a freak! But for my mother and father, oh no, it was Lily this and Lily that, they were proud of having a witch in the family!

She stopped to draw a deep breath and then went ranting on. It seemed she had been wanting to say all this for years.