Think about it.

This has potential.


Yamada is sent to deal with an unidentified fish alien, because he is experienced with such matters. He confronts this alien, proclaiming “DUCK!”, followed by his name, rank, and intent.




He is receives a  reply littered with fish puns.

He gets chest pains. She continues.

He is gasping for breath. But she speaks on.

He is rolling on the floor, but not even both hands and a duck can block out her “whatebber"s, "just for the halibut"s, and "water you doing"s.

The screen goes black.


cut to George Ace.

 "Yamada is down, send in reinforcements.”


…I’ll draw that tomorrow. 

and maybe my art will mask my bad script writing (/-_-)/

Coco :D

She was seriously my favorite character and I feel like they had some really good stuff built up for her, but then they kind of scooted her out of the way at the end to make it revolve around the main 4 more 

I loved the shit out of the ending, but it could have used a bit more Coco.