petty france

You know what’s funny about History: France’s utter hatred of England, let me explain

World, *is at war*

Spain: Ey France, we’re at war and shit, come join

France: Nah I’m busy

Spain:… England just joined the other side…



Merica: Yo Britain, I want out

Britain: lol no

France: Heard you were talking shiiiiit

Rise to that level of petty please

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I have no idea if I asked this before and I apologize but could you do how the allies lose their temper? Not specifically at their s/o but how they act when they've completely lost their temper. Thanks (I saw this ask on another blog and I was curious thank you sm but if it's not okay that's fine)

America/Alfred F. Jones- He sort of has bratty anger, such as tantrums and lots of yelling. It’s really irritating, but thankfully he calms down relatively quick and will apologize. 

Canada/Matthew Williams- Silent anger, the most dangerous kind. He won’t be yelling, and in fact he may not say a word. 

China/Yao Wang- He doesn’t really get angry, just disappointed in things. But if it was managed, it’s mostly scolding. Not too bad.  

England/Arthur Kirkland- Also sort of bratty, lots of yelling and half-hearted insults. Very petty anger. 

France/Francis Bonnefoy- Unfortunately he’s a very passionate guy, so that mean passionate anger. This means he WILL toss those deep insults and phrases to hurt. No matter whom it was that got him mad. 

Russia/Ivan Braginsky- It takes a lot, but he has that horrible deep yelling anger, to where everyone around feels like a child being scolded. It’s terrible.

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This is touchy, you do not have to answer the ask, but how would the countries react to a woman being treated like a sex object (cat calls, inappropriate touching, being generally seen as just a thing to gawk at)? Since its a hot topic I was curious

Well, if you wanted a specific answer for each one I will have to ask you to send it in again with specific names, but 1Ps I can think of in general:

Takes names and kicks ass right away: America, Australia, Belarus, Celt, Denmark England, Grandpa Rome, Greece, Hungary, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Turkey

Plots a steady and petty revenge: Belgium, Finland, France, Germania, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, North Ireland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Romano, SwitzerlandWales

Assures you that you are so much more than what those “creatures” will ever feel you are: China, Canada, Egypt, Italy, Japan, Ukraine

Please remember that women are so much more than something to look at. We are just as important as any man and we deserve so much better than what we have now, especially my trans-sisters and my sisters of color.