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Title: The Family Business
Author: punkascas
Artist: Coplins
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas (background Dean/Others, Cas/Others)
Warnings/Tags: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Murder Husbands, Rough Sex, Mental Health Issues, Non-Graphic References to Underage, Boxing, Jealousy, Pining, Dean and Cas Raise Claire, Angst with a Happy Ending
Posting Date: 11/6/2017

Summary:   Chicago, 1941. With the 1930s over and war in Europe threatening to involve the US, the crime bosses of the Prohibition Era should be dead and gone. But Dean and Castiel Winchester—better known as the Winchester Brothers, along with their gang, The Family Corporation—refuse to be relegated to history. Over the years,, they’ve managed to build a small but stable criminal empire in Chicago. The newspapers hail them as the gangster prodigies of Al Capone and Baby Face Nelson: crime lords for a modern era.  

Politicians like to carouse with the criminal and celebrity elite at Dean Winchester’s nightclub. Police line the pockets of his coat, from petty beat cops all the way to captains of the force. No one’s talking. No one can seem to stop them.  

Except maybe one man. Special Agent Sam Campbell knows all about the so-called Winchester Brothers. Years ago he swore as his personal mission to bring them down, ever since he recognized a face in an old newspaper photo. That was the day he learned that his brother Dean was still alive.

- - -

Before they left Chicago, Dean pulled Meg into his office and demanded she tell him how to make Cas better. How to fix him. He threw out every possibility he could think of: better drugs, different drugs, more drugs. More boys. Whatever it would take to keep Cas calm, content, contained.

He remembers the pristine white of Meg’s nurse’s uniform seemed almost blinding under the office lamps. She looked him straight in the eye and offered him the hammer needed to pound the final nail in Cas’s coffin.

“You really think his diagnosis is the issue?”

“I need him stable,” Dean growled back at her. “I need him goddamn predictable. We’re running a business here.”

Meg only gave him a pitying smirk. “When has Clarence ever been predictable? You should know. Out of anyone, you have the most perversive knowledge of him.”

His revolver rested on some papers. Idly he picked it up, cradling it against his chest while he kicked his heels up on the desk, and wielded his most charming grin. That was the true weapon here. Green eyes, and wide, white shark teeth.

“Pervasive. I think you meant to say. The Family Corporation doesn’t appreciate the spreading of unsubstantiated and scandalizing rumors, Miss Masters. We’re a polite society here. Gossip is rude. And bad for business. And while I can be a gentleman, I am resolutely a businessman first.”

His thumb cocked the pistol’s hammer back slowly. He relished how loud a quiet sound could be in a tiny room.

“Of course, Mr. Winchester,” Meg simpered in false flattery. She wasn’t the type of dame to be intimidated. It was one of the qualities that let her prevail as Cas’s nurse. She planted her palms on the center of his desk, leaning into his space, into the threat of the gun. “But if you’re hoping those pills the doctors prescribe or those boys he parades around the club are the answer, you’ll be sadly disappointed. Castiel, he’s a force of nature, and nature is never predictable, Winchester. Nature can never play by the rules of gentlemen. So what you’re asking me is not how to curb some misbehavior, but how to stop Castiel from being Castiel. And I think we both know there’s only one solution to that.”

Her eyes were dark, glittering with contempt, but there was also that same sad resignation that had been in Rufus’s eyes. In Bobby’s. In Benny’s. A look that said they all knew a truth Dean was too sentimental to admit to himself.

“Get out,” he told her then, and threw the revolver against the door once it closed behind her. It hadn’t been loaded in the first place.

Far from Chicago, Dean looks at Cas as they are now: at the curve of his bare shoulder; at the shapes of the muscles in his arm; at the way his trousers slope low around his hips. Cas of course is too distracted to pull them up. It’s a sight Dean has known since what feels like the moment he first knew consciousness. Fingers curled loosely around his forgotten cigar, grey winter smoke for a grey winter sky, Cas has gone lost himself in thought at the window.

Here they could be anyone. Two pseudonyms in an anonymous hotel room. They could go anywhere. Away from Chicago. From the gang. From business. Dean could live his thirties the same way he lived the first three decades of his life, with Cas as the dark center around which his world spins.



Make Me Forget - Jacob Frye/Reader(NSFW)

Happy Birthday @superwholockstringpuller! This is definitely NSFW! :D 

Imagine Jacob coming to visit as a gentleman caller working for the Templars is leaving your home…

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Jacob crept in through the back door into your home. He’d saw Lord What’s-His-Face’s carriage outside. No doubt calling on you to seek your hand…again….

It made his blood boil…

You’d done one job infiltrating the Templar command for them now you were always surrounded by them, just proving your were good at what you do. Your training in French Creed had given you an edge on gaining information.   

He quietly sneaked around the stairs seeing you gracefully guiding the Templar to the door, “It was a pleasure seeing you again Lord Dane.”

Ah…yes that’s his name…Jacob thought grinding his teeth together.

“Mine as well, my lady.” Lord Dane kissed your hand before taking his leave.

Once the door shut Jacob waited a few beats before he stepped out of hiding, “Well…you’re certainly fairing nicely with Dane…”

Your back was turned to him as he approached you, “…how…long were you here?”

“Long enough to have my gag reflex kick in.” He joked with you, but began to notice the rigidness in your shoulders, “Y/N…”

“Jacob…” You turned to him your face red from suppressing your tears back, “I…I don’t know if I can…do this…”

His cockiness faded away immediately seeing you in such a state, “What happened?”

“He…is cruel…” You looked to his gentle eyes, “He speaks of what he does to those poor children in the factories…those men and women who barely scrap by…Jacob…he’s terrifying and I don’t know if I can keep playing this game…it sickens me to be near him…”

He pulled you into his secure embrace, “Shh…you’re alright now, love. He’s not here…I won’t let him hurt you.”

You buried your face into his neck hugging him tightly, “Please…make me forget him…some how…please…”

He pulled away enough to see your face. Your beautiful eyes begging him for anything to erase the last few hours of hell you endured for their cause. His hand slithered to your cheek while his thumb grazed your lower lip, “I can do that.”

When his lips met yours, your knees quaked. Heat began spreading across your shoulders as his hand slithered up the back of your neck into your neatly drawn up hair. Biting your lower lip as he pulled away you opened your eyes that had closed, “Jacob…”

“Don’t think…” He whispered as his hands drifted over your arms to your hips, “Just move…”

As his grip tightened on your hips pulling you to him you exhaled the anticipation allowing him to lead you in this dance. He lifted you with ease setting you on the foyer desk knocking the flowers Dane had give you to the floor their petals scattering  from the gust  made from Jacob’s jacket dropping to the ground.

His kisses were long drawn out waves of  need and lust. Feeling his tongue swish against yours a hitched gasp escaped you throat getting him to pause just enough for you to see that smirk in his eyes. He knew he had you and you loved it.

He positioned himself between you legs hiking up your dress before he rested his hands against your legs pushing it up further, “Why do you women always wear so many layers…” 

His touch made you tremble, “It’s French fashion…”

“So there’s at least one thing they got wrong…” He whispered against your mouth before needfully taking another kiss. He reached up slowly undoing your petty coats when you suddenly became shy.

“Jacob we’re in the foyer…” You told him as he kissed your neck below you ear.

“Yes…” He continued his kissing down your neck to your collar bone that he’d unveiled.

“Someone could see…” You shuddered feeling your face get hot.

His face came to your view as he pressed himself further against you, causing you to feel a flushing sensation fill your belly, “Let them…I want them to know you’re mine.”

In a few swift tangled motions he pulled the clothing parting you from each other away. Your head tilted back feeling him slid into you as your leg tightened around his hip. God he made you feel like you were flying as he rocked his hips in a beautiful rhythm…

He cursed grabbing your hips tightly when you rolled your own hips outside of his rhythm causing a rush of electricity to excite him. His movements quickened as you pressed yourself against the wall for support, “Fuck…Jacob…”

 A low rumble came from him as his hips became unsteady. He breathed your name against your shoulder over and over as the rush quickly enveloped the pair of you. 

You let out a stuttered moan as ecstasy rushed through you. Hearing his satisfying release you dug your heels into the back of his legs trying to hold onto the linger sensation.

Both shaking his sweaty gaze found yours as he rested his forehead against yours, “Feeling better?”

You nudged your nose against him shuttering again the climax still linger within you, “There’s only you.”

He smiled cupping your face with one of his hands, “I’m only yours.”

You smiled as he managed to find the strength to lift you from the desk carrying you toward your room where you would lay in each other’s company until he needed to be elsewhere. You would dream with him of the day they no longer needed to keep this a secret…of the day that they might be more then just lovers in the dark. Of the day he would no longer need to make you forget. 


Jonas Brothers: S.O.S

(I did not write this post in all caps, but when reading it I would like you all to picture me yelling every word. Thank you.)

Is there anything more 2007 than this song (and music video)? No, the answer is no. “S.O.S” was the second single the Brothers released from their self-titled sophomore album (the first single was “Hold On” an odd choice in my opinion). This was their first big hit, and their first song to reach the top 20. Nick Jonas wrote this song in ten minutes, TEN MINUTES. Nick wrote a damn near perfect pop rock song at age 14, IN ONLY TEN MINUTES. Now, who knows if that’s actually true? I feel like there are a lot of artists who like to say that a song came to them in a dream, and it only took them minutes to write. But that’s the story he told, and I choose to believe it.

First I’d like to talk about the chorus, which contains a great example of the element I love the most about the Jonas Brothers music—they feel everything SO much. I touched on this in my post about “Mandy”, but it’s worth mentioning again. They’re teenage boys experiencing dating, love and heartbreak for the first time. Every breakup feels like the end of the world. Nick wrote this song when he was 14, of course he would describe a breakup this way. His hearts in two, he can’t find the other half, it’s like he’s walking on broken glass and you better believe he bled. It would seem melodramatic if it weren’t so real, and so authentic. That’s what makes this song great and that’s what makes the Jonas Brothers great.

Second, and most importantly, we need to discuss possibly the greatest lyric of the 2000’s:

Next time I see you

I’m givin’ you a high five

‘cause hugs are overrated, just FYI.

Alright, lets break that down, shall we? The next time Nick runs into this girl, who broke his heart in two (and hid the other half somewhere? Perhaps she hid it across a room with broken glass on the floor, and also snatched his shoes?) Anyway, Nicks been through it. So what does he plan on doing next time he sees her? Give her a high five. A HIGH FIVE. This is the most wonderfully passive aggressive move to pull when you run into an ex, and we all wish we were cool enough, like Nick is, to pull it off. Imagine, no really imagine!! You run into your ex at let’s say, a mutual friend’s birthday party. It’s the first time you’ve seen each other since everything fell apart. (Oh and they broke up with you, out of nowhere, and how dare they? You’re great!) You walk across the room to where they are, you just want to get this over with, acknowledge their presence and then ignore them for the rest of the evening. AND THEN YOU GIVE THEM A HIGH FIVE. Incredible, truly fucking incredible. They will never forget this and neither will their friends. Oh my god, and we haven’t even gotten to the second and best part of the lyric yet. Why the hug? Oh, cause HUGS ARE OVERRATED, JUST FYI. Ughhh!! And the way he sings it!! His throat is coated in pettiness. He had a Hall’s lozenge before recording and the flavor was contempt.

And just when you thought It couldn’t get any better than this—there’s the music video. It’s great, it’s fun, they’re on a boat, they’re wearing cool hats and scarves, and the purity rings get close-up shots! (The only unfortunate thing about this music video is whoever uploaded it to their Vevo page really fucked up the aspect ratio. It’s so stretched out! It’s truly a crime against humanity.) The BEST part of the music video when Kevin (poor, Kevin) check his Blackberry (his BLACKBERRY) to see a text message from the girl he’s seeing that reads “I like u but…I dont like u :-(“ I would need 10,000 more words to unpack all my feelings about that text message, but I’m not going to get into it. Instead I would like to end this post by giving you a fun tip: send that exact message to everyone you match with on a dating app. If they know what you’re referencing, you’ll know you’ve found a good one.



John x Reader

Warnings: sex, smut, on the kitchen table

Requested By Anon

John had a smug look on his when he got home. You’d already listened to Poll rant about how he’d risked everything to get a better deal just to prove to Tommy that he could and you were furious.


“How could you be so careless?” You asked almost as soon as he set foot in the kitchen.


“I don’t want to hear it from you as well.” John sighed, foolishly thinking that you’d be the one person to be proud of him for getting twice the money Tommy thought he could.

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Missy with skirts and knee high socks

Missy with skirts and knee high socks.

Missy with petty coats and ruffled skirts.

Missy with gray slacks and a snazzy button down.

Missy with crazy hair pieces and baggy sweaters.

Missy in bright colors.

Missy in monochromatic color schemes.

Missy in 80’s shape pattern clothing.

Missy with dyed hair all shades of colors.

Missy with pastel hair.

Missy with large round glasses.

Midst wearing ballet flats, and combat boots, and high heels, and old well-loved sneakers.


“Protective Chat” Part 2/3 (Marichat May Day #4)

It took over a week to get this done, but I finished part 2/3 for this prompt! I’m so pumped! (Fair warning because this isn’t remotely fluffy, unless you categorize two over-thinking teens and blood as a cute scenario) LINK TO PART 1

Summary: “Looks can be deceiving” is an understatement when it comes to his princess.

Prompt: “Protective Chat”

Pairing (should I bother?): Marichat

Word Count: 1,896

Rating: T and up

No matter how dim his surroundings may be, Chat didn’t fail to notice the rubescent skin of Marinette’s cheeks; he was no fool to the affect he had on girls everywhere, especially his die-hard fans, but he took it as an ultimate achievement to get a reaction out of his iron-hearted friend (to his interpretation). But then again, they were both incredibly battered and tired at the moment, so it’s no wonder the bluenette really didn’t have control of her emotions. Thinking about it, Chat himself didn’t really have a reign on his heart either, seeing that he felt a little too pleased at Mari’s flustered state of mind.

To him, this was a red flag that they needed to get going in the direction of the Boulangerie Patisserie, home of the freckled-lass’s room. Sighing, he moved his free hand to Marinette’s good shoulder, giving her a light squeeze that indicated she needed to get up. She whined as he began to unfurl his legs, moving lithely and diligently to help her up.

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Today seems to be a day where we have to have a little refresher about how production works.  Today’s lesson is wardrobe and hair.

ALL wardrobe requires fitting.  Even the modern clothes on the show are significantly altered, tailored, or in many cases made from scratch by the costume department.  There have been a number of cases where Edwardo took one item and completely remade it in a different fabric.

Example:  This is the same jacket recreated by the costume department from fabric into leather.

Blouses are pinned, skirts are hemed.  Regina and Belle both wear truly ridiculous clothes even in Storybrooke.  And all of them have to be fitted before the day of filming.  And that’s not even touching the FTL clothes which have to be constructed from scratch.

There are many layers to the FTL clothes including under layers you never or barely see.  Dorothy was wearing period appropriate petty coats.  EVERYONE is wearing a corset.  And no most of them are not built into the clothing.  Many of them are explicitly not because you need to adjust a corset and it to needs to be fitted specifically to the woman.

And all of that needs to be remeasured at the start of each new season even when you don’t have two actresses who ended the season pregnant.  Neither Ginny nor Emilie can just throw on the same clothes they were wearing and the fact that you might think they can is the magic of Eduardo’s costume people.

Wigs are a thing on this show.  As are hair extensions.  But for the moment let’s talk about wigs.  Ginny, Lana, Jared, Colin, Josh, and Emilie have all worn wigs on the show either for continuity or for flashbacks.  Bobby is probably going to wear one this year for continuity as well.  

Wigs on stand ins and stunt doubles can be kind of bad because they’re not meant to be seen close up.  Though there are … cringe worthy moments.

Each wig has to be fitted and trimmed as well.  This is not like you pull one from a bag and throw it on the actors head.  They’re fine works of craft and art in and of themselves. 

And what’s more because Lana will be on screen with herself this year there are likely going to be a LOT of versions of Lana’s hair floating around those wig trailers.  If for no other reason that it’s a lot faster to change between Regina and the EQ if you use a wig for both than if you try to restyle Lana’s hair each time.   And Lana would have had to have been there for the finale trims on every last wig so that her actual hair could be matched to it.

For most guest actors they have a wardrobe fitting a day or two before they film.  For many of the main cast wardrobe fittings on non filming days are common.  Or fitting in a morning and filming in an afternoon.

Production doesn’t just mean the actors show up and read their lines.  

So when you see reports about actors getting costumes fitted (or being on the lot) please do not just assume they filmed that day.  There is a lot of prep work before they can roll camera.

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why are you trying to call out tyler for wearing the blurryface coat? its petty and dumb

yeah….wasn’t trying to “call out” tyler. i just noticed that it was the same coat so i pointed it out? i think people think that i posted that to be negative about everyone saying he was wearing a dress and that wasn’t my intent at all. it was a coat and he wore it in a dress-like fashion and it was p cool…honestly tyler’s never been the kind of guy to shy away from something just bc it has gender roles attached to it and im really proud of him for going outside his comfort zone bc im sure it took a lot of courage. im the exact opposite of a tyler joseph hater so….

Wildest Dreams Part 4

Written by: Redlittlefox

Summary: The reader and the boys go on a vampire hunt which doesn’t go as planed. 

Dean X Reader

word count:5,000 plus.

Warnings: Blood, fluff, sassy Sam, angry Dean, Angst.

Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams Master list 

This ones for @is-this-you-manning-up-sammy  @aprofoundbondwithdean @brokenaria @bovaria. @winchesterenthusiast I hope you guys liked this one! Thanks for all the love!

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Hi Loni - you seem to travel a lot. :) I was wondering what would be in your capsule wardobe if you had to pack it all in one suitcase/ bag?

ummmm… depends where im going i guess, heres an over all if i was going on a trip tommorow

2 pair of bikinis, plain black and pattern so i can mix match (strapless and non strapless)

a snap back cap. wutang beanie.

acne skinnes or any tight jeans

a few lacey bras

mesh top of some sort

wang plain loose big tees,long sleeve/ vintage tee

something funky, bright sparkly, rad. loud

vintage dress

black vintage pettie coat skirt

black slip dress


Upside sports bra


big sloppy faux fur coat

black hoodie


denim shorts/ baggies