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Carry On Alignment

Lawful Good - Simon Snow

Neutral Good - Penelope Bunce

Chaotic Good - Baz Grimm-Pitch

Lawful Neutral - Agatha Wellbelove

True Neutral - Ebb Petty

Chaotic Neutral - Nicodemus Petty

Lawful Evil - The Humdrum

Neutral Evil - The Grimm/Pitch Family

Chaotic Evil - The Mage

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Who would be more fit to be Troll Santa Claus than The Handmaid herself? Appearing in all hives in one night to give out toys and goodies which most likely means weapons? Obviously giving more presents to the highbloods to create more just petty casteism? She just changes into a red outfit to match her blood colour and the white fluff is just there because it's cold. Obviously Troll Santa Claus is The Handmaid.

Aradia: hey handmaid, y0u l00k a l0t like the dem0ness

demoness handmaid: uh, y-yeah. weird isnt it?


when you get blown up by your own TIE fighter and you’re still salty about it

it’s been forever since i’ve drawn these two holy shit

based on @petty-officer-thanisson‘s amazing text post

━━━ WINGED. *sighs heavily*

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Maybe praxiris and the ep where iris was in love with the random guy? The archer one? If u want!! Either that or maybe the second Lev episodes, those would be fun too.

Praxina didn’t really understand human romance. It was a strange concept and a completely unnecessary feeling to have, in her opinion.

But part of her was…strangely curious about it. She and her brother were able to manipulate Iris’ romantic feelings so easily - with a very basic spell from a very basic monster; was romantic love so fleeting and petty that it could change just like that? All the stories she read about it (while researching the humans, of course), seemed to imply that “true love” was impossible to ignore. That it could defeat any evil. Well, that didn’t seem true in real life.

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Change the toilet paper rolls.

I’ve been living in a suite style apartment with 3 other guys using a shared bathroom for the last semester. We had all always been pretty fair with putting new TP in the bathroom when you’re the one to finish the roll. As of this past month the other 3 have decided to stop replacing the toilet paper rolls when they used the last of it (and they go through 3-4 rolls a week wtf?).

Since I noticed that they don’t want to replace the rolls anymore I’ve started to bring my own roll to the bathroom and take it out with me when I finish.

I hear them frequently complain that there isn’t any TP in the bathroom and I love it.


I feel like there is some confusion as to why So had Jung exiled. I don’t think its as simple as So punishing anyone who stands up to him being King.

The Chunju clan wanted an autonomy. In simpler terms, one of the most powerful clans in Goryeo would rather be separate from Goryeo all together than accept So as King. 

If So gave the Chunju’s an autonomy, what’s there to stop other clans from doing the same? 

So wasn’t just exiling Jung because of treason. He was exiling Jung to change the message that the Chunju’s leaving would send.

It’s a very clever move, and not one done out of pettiness. He’s changing it so that its not that the Chunju’s were leaving Goryeo, but rather, So was kicking them out. 

Jung and his clan would have left either way. What So had to do was either give them an autonomy and thus prove to other clans he can be rejected as King, or he can exile them, as a means to prevent other clans from following suit. 

Sasha & Justin

“I think it’s funny how you bring this hoe with you on vacation and post a bunch of pictures of her on social media, bitch, that ain’t cute. YOU DON’T FUCK RESPECT ME JUSTIN. THE FUCK YOU MEAN SHE IS JUST YO MUTHA FUCKING FRIEND” I clap my hands.


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This isn’t affecting me personally, but I have seen this too much lately. Stop trying to provoke people online.  If the user has already apologized for their problematic content and or has already left their blog behind, stop trying to harass them about the subject. How do you expect them to learn from the experience and move on if you keep on trying to drag them down into the muck?

At that point you have become nothing more than a bully- All you really seem to be doing is trying to get that person to lash out and cause a stir once again, just for your own entertainment.

Move on. Don’t be a jerk. Be proactive and do stuff that makes people want to be better, not worse. Thank you.