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There’s a loooooot of talk about style over on twitter today, and I thought it might be helpful to share some examples of work I’ve done that draws from and embraces from my influences, without losing my own personal aesthetic voice.  It’s a blast to play around in someone else’s stylistic sandbox when it’s a conscious, thoughtful choice that informs the tone of the work.

You don’t want to just blindly parrot the style of an artist you love and call it a day – study the artists you love, figure out why you love them! Own it. The more aware you are of your influences, the more you can learn, deconstruct, and eventually diverge from them.


Can you imagine putting a TV crew on the Death Star and everyone just stares at the camera like The Office? It would be glorious and hilarious af.

Also if you look at Tarkin’s cup, it says ‘#1 Grand Moff’ because somebody decided to be a smartass and was desperate for a promotion.

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Another impulsive action because of discord, another darn sloppy Super redraw thinga-ma-jig. Wonder why the kids are so small… oh well. It surely ain’t much 👍🏽.

(recycled background once again. I swear one day I won’t be butt-lazy lol… granted, this’ll probably be the last “Super cap Redraw” thing since [shrugs] I have no business poking at this, I still don’t even watch this show. I’m fairly certain folk are tired of me or anybody beating a dead horse)

BokuAka Week Day 4 - Petty 

Here we are again for @bokuakaweek ! Now I know this isn’t that petty..but this is literally my otp guys!! I can’t stand to see my sons mad at each other  (╯︵╰,) This is actually something I did last night because I didn’t like the original piece I did oops

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Hey guys, as some of you may or may not have heard, a fellow Miraculer has recently been undergoing a difficult challenge with a persistent reposter. As much as I hate to make call-out posts on specific people, this one is an interesting case because they have constantly re-uploaded the comic after it gets taken down.

And as of now, we are at Round 7. The screenshot provided above is the latest one.

Other captions from past reposts included “persistent people can get themselves into deep trouble”, “’Again again!’ they cried and I complied with their request.” 

I’m posting this not to make you guys start throwing hate messages at her, but as an informative post telling you all that this is unacceptable behavior.

First of all, the fact that the post keeps getting taken down whenever @twindoodle​ reports it just shows she still has full legal right to the copyright of her comic.

Second, it is one thing to have a post taken down by a report and learn from it, and another to keep posting it again and again simply to spite the reporter. You wouldn’t do this if Zag or Disney or Nintendo had your post taken down because they could potentially sue you

Please remember that the Internet is NOT some “safe space” where you can do whatever you want. In fact, it is FAR from it. The power of anonymity is deceptive. And Internet users need to learn how to take full responsibility of the actions done online or off. 

TL;DR, don’t do this. Ever. Put yourself in an artist’s shoes. Would you want your stuff stolen over and over after already legally telling them to stop simply because they’re being petty?