petting an owl


A couple of recent doodles
Skeptical Suzy and her pet, Butterfly Owl

Skeptical Suzy ain’t no floozy.
Humble and sweet, talks no conceit.
Will call your bluff when enough is enough.
Understands fake brings about heartache.
Walks away from pain, thinks beyond the mundane.
Loyalty is her trump card unless you betray her courtyard.
She detects your lies yet she’ll never chastise.
Often thinks with her heart, compassionate, known as a sweetheart.
Believes small things matter most.
Always worrying from her queen post.
Notices only her flaws
Above any praise or applause.
Needs time to reflect and analyze
To choose thoughts only wise.
Knows if something can’t be fixed
Unfortunately it shall be deep sixed.

306. Slytherins that nap in the sun by the lake (cause they sure as hell don’t get enough sun in the dungeons) guarded by protection and alerting charms. Sometimes their pets come too (owls resting in their owners arm maybe stretching their wing just enough so that the slytherins eyes are protected, cats laying next to them in the grass and frogs chilling near the water, but always ready to attack should their slytherin be in danger)


Tangled the Series’ very own Owl!  Here’s some of my early development drawings and the final design for Cassandra’s pet owl which she (in very Cassandra fashion) named… Owl.  In reality the honor of naming Owl goes to our Story Editor Jase Ricci who fought hard to keep the name as I kept pushing to name him “Who”.   (I was the only one on the crew who couldn’t get enough “Who” jokes).  Anyhow, Owl was based very loosely on a Red Phase Eastern Screech Owl in case you were curious about that sort of thing.  Color on the final design by Alison Jota.