GOT7 REACTS TO: Having a chic s/o

Anon Asked: Got7 reacts to having a chic/savage S/o?

So you’re asking me to do a reaction of Got7 dating me? - Admin Dayna


While he’s absolutely immune and unfazed to your generally cold shoulder, he likes to be a little extra and fake hurt just to annoy you a bit. He’d laugh off your harsher words like it’s nothing, but put on an entire theatrical death scene to your tamer, pettier jabs.

Your attitude never really hurts his feelings much. You usually only ever act that way in public anyways. During intimate moments you were warmer and far more affectionate then you put off. 

So for the most part Mark just rolls with it.

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It’s like Jaebum is dating Jaebum. 

The entire relationship’s foundation is saying the exact opposite of what you actually mean or do. He’d tell you “I love you” you tell him to fuck off. You’d ask him to do you a favor and he’d just tell you to get tf up and do it yourself… only for him to get up and do it anyways. 

“You know you’re extremely luck to be dating me, [y/n].”

“You say that because you don’t have to wake up to see your ugly face in the morning.”

“It’s this very attitude why I always leave your ass on read.”

Honestly, people outside of the relationship really don’t understand how you guys are even together.

“Alright, I’m ready to go, Jae.”

“… you can’t stand beside me dressed like that, Jagi. 3 meter radius distance.”

“My foot is about to be 3 meters up your ass.”

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F*** you, in Black and White

My boss is an inept, whiny, pusillanimous twatwaffle. Because he’s a brown-noser with his superiors, it is of course most important that he be a condescending jackass to his department staff. He makes small problems big, and big problems become major issues. He makes my (utterly amazing) supervisor cry. He makes snide remarks about how he doesn’t have to be so generous with our compensation (which, due to company structure, actually has little to do with him). He is a Class A Asshole.

Being that he is my boss, I am unable to tell him precisely how useless and pathetic I find his existence to be. My ire must be expressed in pettier ways.

Once a week there is a specific report I run, make 15 pretty copies of, and provide for him to present in a staff meeting with his superiors. Knowing his constant fear of offending or disturbing the executives in any way, today I printed 14 lovely color copies of the report, and one black-and-white report from the printer that has a wonky roller, so the print is kind of smudgy. Oops, the color ink must have run out!

I know there is no way he will present a slightly blurry, black-and-white report to anyone in the room - he’ll distribute the pretty color ones, and keep the ugly one for himself. I took care to further smudge some of the ink so he can’t read the smaller figures, too.

Have fun in staff, asshole.

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Make sure everyone knows you can vote as many times as you want in the eonline poll. I bet the blorkes are voting up Kane and Abby. Come on kru we haven't moved up at all, keep voting as much as you can!

Y’all vote as much as you like there i no captcha and yes, blorkes are as usual anti-voting so let’s be pettier and vote for our girls


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Don't you think what Sana just did is highly problematic? How can we root for her now? I would have rooted for her had she asked Isak,convinced him to help her. But like this? Playing Isak's good heart and trust? Making a fool out of him? It's so... Sana isn't this kind of person, even if she's hurt and lonely and angry. And even if Isak or Even did something wrong to Elias (which isn't the case, probably, but still). It's too much. People are flawed, but they don't change personality A to Z.

hi love! yes, I do think that it was wrong of Sana to go snoop around on Isak’s laptop and read his private messages. Sana herself is not a fan of her own actions, you can see how conflicted she was when Isak told her she’s a good person. what she did was not right, but she didn’t do it to hurt Isak, she did it out of desperation. she did a mistake, but I don’t think you should stop rooting for her because of it. Isak made a big mistake in season 1, he broke his friend’s trust and for a pettier reason, yet we still root for him. we don’t know whether Sana will use the photos she took. Jamilla’s name has been popping up a lot lately, and we know that Sana leaking her private messages is what ultimately destroyed their friendship. I don’t think a straightforward revenge plotline is in store.

I know a lot of people would have wanted to see Sana confide in Isak and for them to take down Sara together, but personally I feel like they’re not quite there yet. I adore their friendship, but sometimes the fandom plays it up a little bit, I feel like. they aren’t that close, if you know what I mean? they talk about their issues without explicitly mentioning their issue. Isak was struggling with his sexuality and his relationship with his mum, and Sana did end up giving him the exact words he needed to reach out to his mum, but he never did say hey Sana so just so u know I’m gay and my mum’s super religious so can you maybe like I dunno write me a coming out speech where you explain this thing to her. it’s probably not easy for Sana to talk about this. she has been bullied before, and it’s such a difficult subject to bring up in a conversation, you carry so much shame and guilt. you feel like you have to survive on your own. hopefully she will soon realise that it doesn’t have to be that way.

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for the otp meme: merthur, 1-30? ^^

1) Who is the most affectionate?

Merlin’s definitely the more likely to initiate PDA. Arthur tends to get a little embarrassed by it if anyone’s around, but he always accepts it anyway cuz he can’t get enough of it. He’s just a little too repressed to reach out himself, always a tiiiny bit afraid that he’ll be rebuffed.

2) Big spoon/Little spoon?


3) Most common argument?

They don’t communicate very well. They both tend to make decisions for the both of them without consulting the other, Arthur because he forgets that Merlin’s opinion might differ from his and Merlin because he just assumes he knows what Arthur’s answer will be already so doesn’t need to ask, and that doesn’t usually turn out very well.

4) Favorite non-sexual activity?

Anything that they can make into a competition, lol. They will compete on anything, like monopoly or how far they can skip rocks or who can carry more grocery bags in from the car at once, and make the most outrageous and ridiculous bets on it. The bets are a competition in and of themselves, tbh, just getting sillier and pettier every time (the number of times they have had to literally lick each other’s boots is just stupid). It’s all in good fun, tho, and there’s plenty of laughs all around either way it goes.

5) Who is most likely to carry the other?

Like literally carry? Arthur. He’s got the muscles and he can hoist Merlin up without much trouble. (Merlin can lift Arthur if he really wants to but it’s not a particularly fun or romantic experience for either of them, lol).

6) What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?

Arthur has a thing for Merlin’s hands. They’re long and nimble and gentle and strong all at once. And Merlin, for his part, just really loves Arthur’s eyes. They’re a different kind of blue than his own, a lighter clearer kind, and he loves them a lot. Arthur gets embarrassed when Merlin just wants to stare longingly into his eyes tho, sometimes that’s just too intimate (at least when he realizes that’s what’s happening, lol, other times they just get caught up in each other and don’t notice that it’s been twenty seconds since they last blinked or looked away).

7) What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

They get awkward as fuck. Arthur is normally a very confidence person, but as soon as he’s faced with someone whose opinion he actually cares about, he gets rambly and blushy and drops things and tries waaaay too hard. Merlin’s slightly better off, but he’s twice as likely to trip on air and will cut and run (sometimes mid-sentence) if he thinks he’s making an idiot of himself.

8) Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?

They’re not really big on nicknames. Occasionally Merlin will take a leaf out of Gwaine’s book and call Arthur princess, but he does so in full knowledge that Arthur will make him pay for.

9) Who worries the most?

Merlin is MADE of worry. It is his natural state of being and nothing can stop it. Arthur worries when they’re in dangerous circumstances of course, Merlin is his top priority then, but Merlin just worries all the time about everything.

10) Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

That’s something Arthur makes an effort to learn and remember. It’s one of those things that he sort of considers a Boyfriend Thing, and he always feels warm and fuzzy and accomplished when it makes Merlin smile.

11) Who tops?

They switch a lot. They both have a slight preference for top!Merlin.

12) Who initiates kisses?

Merlin really really really likes kissing. He will kiss Arthur at every opportunity, will make any excuse, would happily forgo sex entirely if he could just keep kissing him. (Not that Arthur minds.)

13) Who reaches for the other’s hand first?

This ties back to that “Arthur has a thing for Merlin’s hands” thing.

14) Who kisses the hardest?

When Merlin gets on a roll, he goes hard. He spends a lot of his time playing himself off as weak, but he’s not. And when he wants something? Really wants it? He will take it.

15) Who wakes up first?

Merlin is much more of a morning person than Arthur is (if either of them can be considered as such. It’s more of a 10am vs noon kind of thing, lol).

16) Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?


17) Who says I love you first?

Merlin has no trouble saying it. He knows long before he lets the words out of his mouth, and he only holds them back because he knows Arthur isn’t ready to hear them yet. Even after Arthur can accept the words from Merlin, it still takes a little while before he can bring himself to say them back. He just wasn’t brought up with love being an open or obvious thing.

18) Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)

Since Merlin’s the one who almost always makes the lunches, the notes are most commonly his. Sometimes they’re sappy. Usually they’re snarky/sarcastic/actual reminders of things he knows Arthur has forgotten he needs to do.

19) Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?

They’re both a little reluctant at first, if only because of their widely different demographics. Merlin with the working class, Arthur the highbrow crowd. They both worry a bit how their friends will react and if they’ll be assholes about it, and Arthur especially worries about his father’s opinion. Arthur’s friends come first because Merlin refuses to be hidden, and also he’s very outspoken and in-your-face about his social position, which they like. Then come Merlin’s friends (Will thinks Arthur is a posh prick but the rest of them don’t mind him), then Hunith, and then Uther. Later. Much much later.

20) What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

It grows on them. Everyone’s a little wary of it to start with, but they prove themselves to each other’s people before too long. (Except Uther. Uther never quite warms up to Merlin completely, tho he does accept it.)

21) Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?

Arthur will totally do the whole slow-dancing-in-an-empty-room-to-no-music-just-cuz-he-wants-to-be-close thing. Just so he can get his hands on Merlin and also make him smile helplessly cuz it’s so damn sappy.

22) Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?

Arthur is not allowed in the kitchen. Not anymore.

23) Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?

Arthur really honestly thinks his lines are smooth. Merlin never tells him otherwise cuz it is just too good and so worth the secondhand embarrassment to see Arthur look so pleased with himself.

24) Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

Meeerrrrrrliiiin. He will say anything to fluster Arthur in important meetings and make him go red in the face.

25) Who needs more assurance?

Arthur’s insecurities don’t get the best of him often, but sometimes they sneak up on him. Then he just needs a reminder or two that Merlin really likes him, not his money or his position or what Arthur can do for him. It’s hard for him to believe that anyone can love him unconditionally for him.

26) What would be their theme song?

Is that even a question? A Thousand Years. Duh.

27) Who would sing to their child back to sleep?

Hunith used to sing to Merlin when he was little, so of course Merlin does the same for his kids. Arthur rolls his eyes and says it’s silly, but it’s only a few weeks before Merlin overhears him humming while he rocks the baby back to sleep.

28) What do they do when they’re away from each other?

Pine. A lot. Talk on the phone all the damn time, so much so that it probably irritates whoever they’re with.

29) one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart

Arthur has a tendency to distance himself at the first sign of trouble. It’s easier than getting hurt, and it protects him from potential rejection. Merlin can’t leave him if he leaves first, and this way if Merlin does leave then at least it was HIS choice. It only takes two instance of this for Merlin to catch onto what was happening in Arthur’s head, and honestly it just made that particular argument worse because how dare he just give up on this?? How dare he not fight for them?? But after that, when he’s calmed down, he does recognize the insecurity and fear behind it and knows better how to head it off before it reaches the point where Arthur starts withdrawing.

30) one headcanon about this OTP that mends it

Merlin bites his fingernails when he gets nervous or stressed out. Arthur starts pulling his hand away from his mouth whenever he notices him doing it, holding Merlin’s hand against his chest and kissing his fingertips to convince him to stop. It sort of backfires cuz now Merlin starts nibbling on his fingers specifically to get Arthur to be so gentle and concerned with him. It’s all very sappy and sweet and this headcanon will never leave me alone.

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So, does anyone else feel like Palpatine and his relationship with Anakin was basically like having the ex-husband from hell for Obi-Wan? Like, Palps would give Anakin sugar, then send him home to Obi-Wan, or buy him a podracer, and Obi-Wan would be the one left being the disciplinary/'bad' one...What would have happened if Obi-Wan had gotten sick of it and started accompanying Anakin on his trips with Palpatine?

Hahahaha, well in the Obi-Wan and Anakin comics he’s all “Hey let me borrow your kid for a minute, and then send him back full of doubts about the Jedi and the Senate,” so I’d totally buy that he did pettier versions of this all the time. Letting Anakin drink 15 Icees at the mall, convincing Anakin that he should beg Obi-Wan to let him get a nose ring, lying and telling him that he hears that OTHER Padawans get to stay up until midnight and introducing him to double espressos. 

Obi-Wan accompanying them on their trips is making me die, because he totally would not want to be there, Palpatine would be furious, and Anakin would be SO PSYCHED. I’m just picturing the three of them at THE MOST AWKWARD MATINEE MOVIE OUTING OF ALL TIME: Palpatine with a sour expression (he was hoping to use this opportunity to poison Anakin’s brain some more by using the movie’s dreadfully sappy love story to talk about how doesn’t Anakin wish that the Jedi would let him have that someday? but he can’t do that with Obi-Wan sitting a few feet away), Obi-Wan bored to tears at the awful movie they picked and deeply annoyed that he has to spend his Saturday this way (but he’ll do it if it keeps Anakin from coming back with some new gadget or full of sugar or wanting to leave the damn Order again,) and Anakin, sitting in between them, is just joyously watching this awful film with an enraptured look on his face OMG MOVIE DATE WITH OBI-WAN AND THE CHANCELLOR BEST WEEKEND EVER. 

Do they realise that every single time they talk about how “problematic” Louis was from the beginning, fighting for the band, we’re even more sure what an amazing and sharp and intelligent person Louis is???He was young and unexperienced in the industry, yet what knowledge he had, he nurtured and educated himself, he took it upon himself to fight and protect his boys because he was the oldest, he did so WHILE FORCEFULLY BEING CLOSETED AGAINST HIS WILL and probably dealing with a lot of stress in his personal life, yet he went loud, proud with his chin up in every room and demanded respect and only had the best intentions for the band in his mind.I’m sorry, but the bitter they get, the prouder (and pettier) I am.

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Don't you just get off on this petty bullshit? Your contributions to the tag are less than subpar and you have the gall to ask someone else to learn how to draw so that they might hope to have an opinion in the fandom?? What the fuck?? The fandom is an open space for creativity and ideas so why not step off someone else option just because it doesn't agree with yours. A minor is a minor sure, but why not man up and deal with the shit yourself instead of rallying your even pettier followers???

Is this you

it’s father’s day so i’m here for a hot second to remind you matt idolized his dad growing up. he still clings to that loving memory, although he’s aware jack wasn’t perfect. deep down, he even knows ( has known for a long time ) that jack threw the fight knowing he was risking his life. but part of him is afraid that if he confronts a more realistic version of jack — the version who knowingly risked leaving his nine-year-old son alone — then it’ll damage the last thing matt has left of him.

not even touching on that stick nonsense, because once again stick can fuck off right to hell

“Down with the kids” in more ways than one. (aka a train of thought about Humanz)

On April 20th, 2017, Murdoc responded to a question about his knowledge of twerking by nonchalantly stating that he was “down with the kids.” At the time, I laughed because not only was I watching Murdoc Niccals utter the word “twerk” in an actual interview but it was also clear how lost he was. However, as I’ve spent more time listening to Humanz, I’ve come to realize that Murdoc’s answer encapsulates a lot of what makes Gorillaz’ latest album work as thoughtful and at times scathing reflection on that state of the world today.

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