fun latin word of the day

distorqueo (2) (dihs-tore-quay-oh) – to twist, distort; to curl (lips); to roll (eyes)

let’s talk about ancient attitude and sass, guys. i’ve been reading way too much fanfic and i gotta say, this verb is the way to go for ancient ‘tude. you wanna describe how cleopatra responds to a dumb idea of antony’s? you wanna imagine lesbia reacting to catullus on one of their bad nights? this is the verb for you: 

this lady is so done with her hubby’s shit

this guy? about to call everyone out for being pettier than he is

this sphinx? she boutta fuck shit up for eeeeveryone in thebes and she’s looking sassy af while doing it.

go forth and slay, my friends.

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the satisfaction I get knowing Norman will only ever gravitate towards young blonde replacements for Norma and they'll inevitably be killed by Mother's possessive ass, his love for her is ingrained in him 5ever

😂. I always get a laugh in Psycho when Sam and Lila assume Marion was killed because of the money she stole. Like, bitch please, Mother is pettier than that.

Honestly – and this is not directed at anyone or anything in particular, btw – the fact that all of us are under such threat from this administration makes the usual Tumblr fights seem pettier than ever.

(I refuse to attach a thousand disclaimers to this to explain what I do not mean)

❞ HI FAM !! First of all, I want to thank you all for being such sweethearts and absolute gems !! Your birthday wishes made my day, and I cannot express how much I love you guys and how much your kind words mean to me… You are all perfect diamonds, every single one of you !! As for that bitter lil’ munchkin that always seems to find its way back into my inbox to send some petty hate ( even on my birthday, it truly cannot be any pettier than this ) I have a little message: don’t bother anymore, sweetheart !! I’ve got your ass blocked once and for all. If your aim was to hurt me on my birthday by calling me toxic or whatever it is you believe me to be – you failed once more. And you know why ?? Because I have all these warm, beautiful, amazingly sweet people which I have the privilege of knowing and who are surrounding me and showing me so much kindness that I know one bored, bitter troll with a lack of hobbies isn’t really a reference and honestly, it only shows me how the rpc isn’t a bad place – despite people like you. It has so much wonderful people on it radiating so much love, care and warmness that it genuinely makes me smile and warms my heart !! So thank you so much, dear, you actually did me a favor to making me realize this !! Xoxo

Reaction: Wedding


you look so pretty, beautiful”

As soon as Yunnie catches sight of you, a big smile will cross his face and he’d tell you how beautiful you are. Yunhyeong loves showering you with compliments and especially on this day, where you look so stunning, he can’t hold himself back from telling you how pretty you are and how happy he is to have you (and that you’re even prettier than the bride but psh)


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you’re pretty…”

Even though Chanwoo is trying his best to have a straight face and not let it show, he just can’t help smiling when he sees you like that. He thinks you’re so unbelievably beautiful but he wouldn’t say that out loud, his facial expression would say enough and actually he is a little embarrassed to admit that. So all he can say is:

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“jk i’m still pettier than you”


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well hello there *keeps staring for 10 minutes*

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*tries to compliment you* “i look aesthetic”

If Junhoe’s jaw could drop to the floor, it would in this moment because he is not used to seeing you dressed so fancy and it makes his heart skip a beat. He would just look at you for quite some time before realizing that he is staring at you and then clear his throat, trying to say something smooth but fail miserably.


“girlllllll, that dress is perfect– for getting it off your body like right now”

Bobby can’t deny that he is enjoying the sight in front of him and he would let you know in the dirtiest weirdest and funniest ways how much he loves it. He’d keep teasing you, even there because he loves your reactions to it and as soon as you’re back home he can’t wait to get the fancy stuff off you :)))))

- Moyo

the thing is: even after they defeat the rakshasa, it will be back. rakshasa’s hold grudges for…ever??? it’ll keep coming back and attacking vox machina. it will keep coming back no matter how many times they kill it in new ways that none of them will expect. it will get to the point where they’re constantly on edge. they can’t trust anyone because there’s always the chance of it being the rakshasa.

but that also means that it will get to the point that it will keep coming back even though they vastly overpower it. they could defeat it in one round and it’ll be back in like a couple of months, throwing itself at them again determined to defeat them. it won’t? ever? give up? 

three in game years from now most of vox machina will basically be fucking god-tier and the rakshasa will just be an annoying little fucker that’s pettier than all of them combined. it will just be an ant to them. a very. very. persistent ant.

it’s never gonna give them up. it’s never gonna let them down. it’s never gonna run around and desert them.