My name is Paul Senn and I live in Marbella, Southern Spain. I have the pleasure of owning an Old English Sheepdog. My dog, Junior is a fine example of an Old English sheepdog and he’ll turn 12 next birthday. Junior has been wearing the Pet Protector Disc now for 15 months and has had no infestation of fleas or ticks. We live in the countryside and mountains where there are other animals that carry fleas and ticks but we have had no problems thanks to Pet Protector.“

Paul Senn, Spain

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Puppies also need to be protected from fleas and ticks, but we can’t treat them with chemical products. Pet Protector can be used on dogs and cats of any age and weight, even on ill, convalescent or pregnant pets. If you have pups, protect them with the Pet Protector Disc, and keep them flea and tick-free for 4 years! After a 4-year period, just replace the PP Disc with a new one! You don’t need to use toxic chemical products on your pets ever again! Visit to order Pet Protector for your pet and learn more about receiving a 20% - 40% discount!