Stop The Ban on Salamanders!

A law has gone into office proposing a ban on international and interstate shipping of breeder sold salamanders. If this law goes into affect then almost all salamanders will only be available from local sources, and there a very few of those. You may no longer be able to own salamanders as pets!

If you own salamanders/newts then please take this survey to help prevent this ban:

If you don’t own salamanders then you can still help! You can leave a comment here to voice your opinion:

Feel free to just copy and paste this comment if you do not want to make your own:  The newt- and salamander-keeping hobby is much larger than you realize. Thousands of animals are sent interstate every year and many Americans support themselves wholly or partially from these sales. These diseases are not found in the pet trade. Cutting off the pet trade would increase the pressure for wild caught specimens, which is harmful to the native populations. Furthermore, hobbyists educate the public on the front lines to care for the future of these wonderful species. Many people would know nothing about these creatures without keepers and hobbyists, and the salamander pet trade. This knee-jerk ban does not help the problem but exacerbate it. We agree with an import ban; it would be wonderful if the demands for salamanders and newts could be met within the nation by small and larger scale newt and salamander breeders. It is not right to put an end to this hobby which brings joy and knowledge to so many people. There are better solutions. This plan is not well thought out or well grounded in scientific fact. Thank you.

Some pretty compelling incentives for pet adoption!
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