This time of year is especially important to spread valuable knowledge and insights into the realities and responsibilities of rabbit ownership. Rabbits should not be obtained on impulse and are not ideal pets for small children.  So while the appeal of getting a pet bunny for Easter is tempting, they are living creatures who are more than just a novelty. Please act responsibly and choose a toy rabbit or chocolates instead.

Otome taglines

Nameless: We’re so cute and playful lol jks this game is nightmare fuel.

Dandelion: Try not to feel too weird about banging your pet.

Destiny’s Princess: Try not to feel too weird about banging your brother.

My Traditional Prince: Try not to feel too weird about banging your teacher.

My Secret Pets: Dandelion with a pig?

Queen’s Gambit: You will accidentally kill your boyfriend.

Hakuouki: Subliminally learn every detail of Japanese politics between 1864-1868 (also everyone you love dies).

Hatoful Boyfriend: Just roll with it.

Backstage Pass: Give up on school, showbiz is easy to get into.


Photos from our gift boxes to Feline Rescue Inc. !!

We collected tons and tons of goodies for shelter cats, and sent holiday gift boxes to 3 lucky shelters. We also donated $200 to each shelter!
Feline Rescue Inc. is a no-kill shelter located in Minneapolis, MN that relies on donations to keep the cats safe and healthy. If you’d like to help this shelter and these kitties, you can donate here and you can even sponsor a kitty for a whole year!

Thanks to everyone that contributed! We are thrilled that we could bring a little happiness to some shelter cats this year!


Recently I have started following a Twitter/ Facebook called Saffron on the Hill Inc. Its a pug rescue centre in Loch, Victoria, Australia and they post the cutest photos of the pugs (and other various breed of dogs) sleeping and in cute dog show outfits. I think as pug lovers you should check it out. Here are a small selection of their fantastic photos!

PS. If you are from Australia, go check it out!


Petly - Automatic Pet Feeder By Rinn Inc.

Pets are perfect additions to any family. There isn’t a day that goes by where they don’t at least make you smile once with their antics and children love having a furry friend around. Eventually they truly do become like family members and taking proper care of them, which includes proper and nutritional food, is a priority. Here’s a clever product from RINN Inc. that will be of great assistance to you when feeding your pet. It’s an automatic pet feeder called PETLY.