Hello this baby needs a home.

Does anyone in the Indianapolis area want a cat?

We have a seven year old black baby who is completely litter trained and super sweet. 

His name is Tesla and I’m so afraid that if we have to put him in a shelter, he’s never going to find a home. 

No fleas, fixed, and up to date on his shots. 

We moved to a place that doesn’t allow cats because there are dogs, so our baby, his cat tree, and my fiancee and I are jammed into one room until we can find him a new home. 

Here are some cute ass pictures. 

The other big baby has a home. 

The cat tree featured in the last picture is the one that comes with him. 


circumstances in my life are very complicated rn and basically i have to give away my cat, midnight. he’s about 8 years old (birthday sometime in april), he’s fixed and has all of his shots, and has all of his claws. he had to have a few teeth pulled early this year but other than that he’s physically perfect. he has grown up to be an indoor/outdoor cat, but could be completely outdoor if theres a safe place for him to be during bad weather. he is not very nice towards dogs or other animals, but given some time he could probably deal with being around another cat. he does hunt small animals like mice and chipmunks, but towards people he is the sweetest. he is very affectionate in his own way, and doesnt require a lot of attention.

if you’re interested in adopting him or want to know more please send me an ask or email me at


The couple I’ve gotten most of my rats from has to move and sadly can’t take their rats with them.

They have two young litters as well as older rats!
Rats from 6 weeks to 9 months as well as the patents both male and female in all sorts of colors!!
They’re all really sweet and hand raised. If anyone is interested in adopting or helping out and fostering, They’re located in Saugerties, New York
They can be contacted here:

Or you can send me a message and I can give you their Facebook!

Signal boosting is greatly appreciated!!!

Two gorgeous female rats available through gRATitude rescue in northern Maryland. The lady who runs this rescue is amazing. I am overrun with girls (nemmy is the only boy left) and I really need some boy rats in my life but someone should adopt them because look at them.

They’re on petfinder. Can’t link because I’m on mobile but seriously look.

does anyone in/around central washington have any ability/desire to adopt a rat? my precious bb Salem’s cagemate recently died, and now that her old cage is being used for the male rats she’s out both a friend and a decent home - it breaks my heart but I dont have the mental capacity or money right now to buy a new cage and adopt a new cagemate for Salem and keeping her lonely and in a smaller space is nothing short cruel at this point.

Anyone with experience with rats, or maybe a rat that needs a cagemate? anything like that would be SO appreciated. Depending on the distance we may even be able to drive her to you. She is a genuinely sweet rat and I love her to bits but I just cant pretend that i can keep her right now, and she deserves way better.

Here she is when she was a baby isnt she precious ;A;
Please signal boost if you can - Salem really REALLY deserves better than what she has now and I dont want her to end up miserable


I have 3 rats, Benny (black), Tater (white and tan) and Peanut (white) all three are males, roughly a year old. Unfortunately, I cant keep my babies anymore :( i dont have enough money to keep up with them anymore, they are destroying my room (as you can see theyre pulling the paint of my wall regardless of how far out I move the cage) and I live in a very small apartment and the smell of them is bothering the other people I live with. Theyre complete sweethearts, playful and love being interacted with and know a couple tricks. I love them to pieces but I can’t keep up with them anymore. If anyone is interested please contact me here and we’ll talk about it

I took a selfie with this cat! I’m not used to being around cats, but Eclair was the friendliest kitty I’ve ever met and very approachable and easy to pet! 

Eclair needs a new loving home!

He’s 11 years old, declawed, fixed, diabetic (so he needs special cat food and insulin). My friend Jay in Virginia is willing to drive as far west as Cleveland, north as Boston, and south to Charlotte to find him a loving home! Click the links to see more details :)
Dat Cat Cafe - New Orleans and Louisiana's only cat cafe
Dat Cat Cafe is slated to be New Orleans' and Louisiana's first, permanent cat cafe! A community hub where cat enthusiasts, cat lovers or people who are just curious as to what we will do here and why we love cats so much can come to sip delicious coffee and hang out with amazing,adoptable rescue cats, escaping the rigors and stresses of daily life.

Please help signal boost this Kickstarter, or donate if you can! They only have 15 days left to raise funds!


Just launched my online taxidermy store Perished Pets! Chogan, Jack, Rascal & Bill have already been adopted, mental!!! Was not expecting this sort of response at all, hard work really does pay off sometimes! :)

Still lots more pets up for adoption, go check ‘em out, they are all looking for lovely new owners! <3

In need of homes

These two really need a home. Please pass it on, if you know of anyone who might be interested, Send them my way. Thank you. We rescued that mommy cat when she was two months pregnant and helped her birth all six of her kittens, most of which would have passed away, along with the mother had we not been there to help her through the birthing process. We love them all to death but there’s no way we can keep them all, so it’s time for her and her kitten to find a loving, permanent home of their own. Most of the other kittens have already been adopted, we just have these two left. They are very sweet and cuddly ladies and if you’re looking for a lap cat, these are your gals. =3 I put that mommy cat doesn’t like dogs because she gets really territorial around more active dogs, but if you have a well tempered dog who won’t pay any attention to her, then she will be better off. She’s fine as long as they keep their distance, it’s when puppies get in her face that she gets upset. =/ The kitten, is cautious around dogs, but doesn’t mind them as much, she mostly just hides or stays out of their way. We are located in Florida, and at this point, I am more than willing to  travel anywhere within reason or even meet you half way, to help these kitties find a loving home. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to send me a private message! <3