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Here’s the bottom line: I have a severe Panic Disorder, and I need a therapy animal, in this case, a cat.

A little background:

I’ve had a Panic Disorder since I was 10. I was out of school for 6 months because I couldn’t leave my bedroom without having an attack and passing out.

After a lot of drugs and therapy, I was able to go to school again. Slowly. I would go for one hour one day, two hours the next day, etc. until I was back to full time.

And then there were no issues. Of course, the occasional panic attack would hit, but nothing nearly as severe as it was. 

A few weeks ago, they came back. Worse than I’ve ever had them. I couldn’t keep food down. Every attack ended with me vomiting in my bathroom until I passed out on the floor. I would black out, and find myself outside sitting in the snow, completely paralyzed with fear.

I tried to go back to work after the first night. I broke down in tears after almost passing out on the way to the bathroom. My mom came and picked me up, and while we went through doctors appointments, hospital visits, and multiple tests, I stayed with them.

My family has three dogs and cats. One of them is my baby, Oreo. She’s pictured above. They saved me during the week I was out of work and with my family.

I’ve gotten on new medications. I’m home now. But the attacks are still here, and they’re scaring me. Even Xanax doesn’t help sometimes.

I talked to my doctor and she suggested getting a cat, or bringing my cat home with me, to help with the attacks.

Here lies the problem.

The pet deposit at my apartment complex is $300. I would also need to have money to buy things for her (food, flea stuff, litter box, etc.) which is why the amount is $400 instead of just the $300. 

After all my medical bills, and missing a week of work, I cannot afford this. I won’t be able to for months. I had to take out loans to help pay my rent and utilities, and I’ll now be paying those off for the next few months.

Please, anything you can offer to help would be amazing. Please, help me get better.

Please please share. Or donate. This is really important to me.

Aladdin is such a superhero that an anonymous fan gave him a shiny green costume over the summer.

“He loves dressing up. To him, that’s a sign that he’s going to work,” says his owner, Michele Schaffer-Stevens, who has been caring for Aladdin for about a year and a half now.

Aladdin’s job is as a volunteer therapy dog. He goes to schools, nursing homes, libraries – anywhere people may find comfort in a dog wearing a fancy outfit.

Well, almost anywhere.

Read on about the hospital that rejected Aladdin from their therapy program because his bull-shaped head here.

See this pretty kitty?  This is Mohawk, my autistic brothers therapy cat.  He unfortunately got lost but was found hours later with a severely broken leg, dislocated hip, and possible nerve damage.  Some jerk decided to kick him hard, thankfully it wasn’t from being hit, but still.  And see the bump towards his rear?  That’s his bone. Thankfully my vet let them put him on my account so he can get the surgery he needs before payment, otherwise he’d need his leg amputated, or worse, put down.

Sadly, she’s on government assistance and can’t viable pay back the $4,000 needed for the surgery, medicine, and other vet care costs.

Please, please please share this, I’ll be helping, but cannot pay it all for her.

Here is the link to the fundraiser, all money will go towards getting Mohawk’s care paid:


Hey friends! Things have been a bit rough lately. Life has been dishing out the nonsense, things have been going wrong (at times, catastrophically), loss in the family has been had, and things are generally pretty distressing for me. In times like these I turn to the best therapy possible: Chickens.
Please enjoy some chicken photos with me.

Forgive ‘relly and her scruffy appearance, for she is molting, and….  actually…. she always looks like a muppet so there is that.

(I am the one making zainy faces with Moa, the Barred Rock. The person having some tea and chicken time is my friend!)

Emotional Support Therapy Duck Rides Plane with Owner

Like many of the other passengers on a weekend flight from Charlotte to Asheville, North Carolina, Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt walked through the aisle mid-flight to stretch his legs.

However, unlike the other passengers, Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt’s legs ended in webbed feet.

Better known as Daniel the Duck, this passenger decided to forgo using his wings so he could fly with his owner Carla Fitzgerald. Daniel is a certified emotional support animal, who helps his 37-year-old owner battle the post traumatic stress disorder she has had since an accident in 2013.

Read more

Okay now that I’ve been investing into the idea of the foxes with therapy pets, consider:

-Jean gets bunny as a pet for emotional support.
-He keeps it in his and Jeremy’s dorm in a cage by the window but lets it out whenever he is in the room.
-if he’s having a rough day and can’t calm down he’ll let the bunny lay on his lap
-it’s so soft and fluffy it helps him calm down
-he names it Ray, after Renee, because she helped him get out of a bad place
-Jeremy LOVES Ray
-she’s so small and fluffy all of the Trojans love her
-sometimes he would allow her to roam the hallway while the team keeps their dorm rooms open so she can go in and explore
-her favorite place to nap is on Jean’s pillow while he leans on the wall working on papers and projects
-Jean buys carrots and lettuce just for her and if anybody touches Ray’s food he gets ANGRY
-nobody messes with Jean’s bunbun
-she also cuddles in between Jean and Jeremy while they watch movies
-she is a very spoiled bun and Jean will protect her at all costs