pets party

(first tiger jumps in) *laughing* Vanya, what is this? Van’ … Van’, get out of the boot, Van’. (second tiger approaches) Mishka … let’s go. Mish, let’s go. Mishka! Mish, let’s go. Come on, sit. Sit. (third tiger comes in) Bonya, you too are here! Ok let’s go guys. Let’s go! *starts singing* x


IT’S A TORTIE BEACH PARTY!!! And you thought your summer was awesome… you got nothing on these shells! 

(Via @bob.the.tort on Instagram)

tag yourself: astrology edition

-loud and outgoing
-center of attention
-appears very self-assured
-popular af
-life of the party
-needs constant validation

-sensitive with capital S
-mom friend™️
-stay-at-home > parties
-kids!!!! pets!!!
-complains 2 much
-#1 cheerleader

-never stops talking
-knows tea about everyone
-cancels plans all the time
-always invited places
-knows everyone
-naturally good at school

-aesthetic af
-just as pretty irl as online
-so sweet but kinda shallow
-everyone wants to be (with) them
-always has a bf/gf

-athletic captain
-doesn’t take shit
-ambitious as all hell
-2 blunt sometimes
-can be oblivious
-has never asked for help, ever

-so!! many!! friends!!
-teachers/adults love them
-the best stories/memes
-always travelling
-larger than life
-charming to the point of manipulative

-tough love™️ friend
-very responsible
-tries really hard
-doesn’t get enough credit
-has the best glo up
-can always count on them

-always changing their looks
-new version of them all the time
-unconventional life path
-diverse group of friends
-not most reliable

-does drugs….a lot
-writes poetry about their exes
-just wants to be loved
-makes others think they’re super innocent
-daydreams all the time
-avoids responsibility

-often forgotten about
-small but angry
-very powerful and turbulent
-can’t control themselves
-intuitive/psychic powers

anonymous asked:

What's a good "starter" clown breed?

I would aim for “pet” breeds like party clowns intended to be children’s companions. Jesters are good family pets as well but they may be too rambunctious for small children or the elderly.

Recently the McDonald has also made a good first pet. Originally a meat breed, these creatures are docile and biddable when hand raised. Just make sure you get one from an actual pet breeder and not a commercial farm, meat raised clowns often lack human contact in their infancy and will be more nervous.


One of our earliest DnD sessions. When Ryla met Jaffro. I really didn’t want the party to worry about food in this adventure, so I sent them an out… But they got a team pet instead.

That sheep is still with them, and as a bonus he’s nearly gotten them killed on many an occasion.