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I'd just like to apologize for a moment to all the Pup War competitors...

I was hoping that I would be able to help all the smaller blogs and even the bigger ones get seen by tons of people and help them get new followers, but since my blog got terminated, every single one of you now has more followers than me.

So much for good intentions.

But I can’t bring myself to just give up and drop things halfway through, so we are going to finish this Pup War, because we are DOGS damnit, and we don’t give up. We just growl and hang on to things we want like a terrier.

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So my apologies go out to @bonesthehyena @unleashed13 @indyanabonezsborks @kerrpup @lewdpuppynoises @doggy-girl-chilli @cura-wolf @furfur-pet-monster @katiepup23 @p0cket-pup @puppygirl-silver @puplaika and all the people who had hopes for as big a competition as the Dog War.

I will try my best to keep things going as well as possible.

it just occurred to me that cats are basically pet monsters

  • go bump in the night
  • scratches at your door
  • alarming noises
  • “where are you, kitty?” looks under bed to see a pair of luminous eyes staring out of the gloom, unblinking. “oh there you are!”
  • you spot movement out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look you see nothing 
  • turn back and THERE IT IS


Pusuke used growl! It’s not very effective…
Shaymin used attract! It’s super effective!


Let’s meet the BTS PETS:


Jin tweeting “Jjanggu who’s ugly but cute” (Savage dad)

Lately (170907) he introduced his new dog Jjajangi. He also updated on Sept 8 photos of him and Jjanggu who grew up beautifully 


Suga tweeted “Holly only likes the people who give him food” (savage dog)


Jhope tweeted “ Don’t you think you’re too cute? Why are you so cute?” (Indeed a cutie)


Namjoon tweeted “I want you Monie Monie“ (Like the chorus in BS&T)

JIMIN: DOSUN (RIP the cutie passed away T^T and so far Jimin didn’t get another pet)

When asked about his dog he said “I don’t have him anymore. Dosun are you doing well?”


When Tae tweeted “i miss soonshimie..” He really adores animals and babies!


When asked about his dog Jk said “I have a Maltese at home. It’s name is Geureum (cloud) and I miss him/her a lot.” (Awwww)

BTS are perfect as they are, but knowing that they love animals just make me adore them moooore. 
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Inktober 2018!

Many have asked me to bring it back this year, so here is the 2018 Inktober Prompt List! I reached out and got a lot of suggestions from friends, so I hope you enjoy them! Looking forward to everything you guys create!! Feel free to post them here or on Twitter using #TSinktober. 🎃

Day 1: (Following the theme of the last two years) Draw your dwelling space on Sept. 30th vs. Your living space on Oct. 1st!

Day 2: This one could be very interesting. Draw an easily recognizable Halloween monster, but in a very abstract way. (This idea was suggested from my friend, Chris!)

Day 3: [A favorite show of yours]…. And Zombies

Day 4: Reimagine your family pet (or a friend’s family pet) as a Halloween monster!

Day 5: Imagine if your favorite candy/sweet wasn’t created in a factory, but instead grew from the ground. What would that plant look like?

Day 6: Reimagine Disney characters as Jedi warriors! (This idea was suggested to me by my friend, Alex!)

Day 7: This one could be… interesting lol. Take a show/cartoon/movie you’ve NEVER seen before (it could be one that people would be very surprised to know you know nothing about) and draw a scene that you think would be a part of that show/cartoon/movie.

Day 8: Just because I’ve been loving all the Disney Princess fun from the Wreck-It Ralph trailers, I’d be curious to see what all the princesses would be getting into this October together! Could be all or just some of them, don’t stress about including all of them lol.

Day 9: Bit out of left field, but how about depicting historical figures as fairies or with mermaid bodies? (This one came from my friend, Taylor, so OF COURSE it’s weird lol)

Day 10: Take a favorite song of yours (could be Fall or Halloween themed, but honestly I’m just curious about any) and draw what it sounds like to you, in the form of colors. Those of you who have synesthesia in relation to sound and colors will have an advantage, but even if you don’t, I’d still be excited to see your own interpretation of a fave song of yours!

Day 11: What would other characters from television series/movies/cartoons look like if they were citizens of Halloween Town? (This idea was suggested to me by my friend, Dominic!)

Day 12: For those of you who watch the YouTube videos, depict the Sanders Sides and the costumes they would be wearing this Halloween! (This idea was suggested to me by my friend, Aaron!)

Day 13: This idea was inspired by the Greek letters used for sororities and fraternities. Draw any Greek/Roman god or gods if they had to reside on Earth and attend college.

Day 14: Take the title of a classic comedy/generally happy movie and reimagine it as the title of a horror film. Draw the poster art for it! (This idea suggested to me by my friend, Brizzy Voices!)

Day 15: Design a makeup look (either on paper or on an actual face) inspired by a Halloween monster or character of your choosing! (This idea was suggested to me by my friend, Fariha!)

Day 16: Take any series/film/written work (cartoon or live-action, the more unlikely, the better) and turn it into a dramatic anime.

Day 17: Draw your favorite musical theatre “villains” dancing to “Thriller”! (This idea was suggested to me by my friend, Deedee Magno Hall!)This one may be a bit different, but I thought it could be cool.

Day 18: This is a perennial favorite: Draw your OTP in Halloween costumes that are designed to go together!

Day 19: What if a specific candy/sweet/junk food was the main feature of a high-scale Five Star Restaurant cuisine. What would that look like and what would you call it?  

Day 20: Pick any Pokemon and use it as the inspiration for a Met Gala dress or suit.

Day 21: Draw a favorite character of yours as a magical girl (This idea was suggested to me by my talented friend, Brei! Optional challenge that was suggested to me by my friend, Lev: Draw the same thing in 10 seconds, 1 minutes, and 10 minutes)

Day 22: Imagine your favorite Halloween-themed or Scary movie depicted upon a stain glass window, very much like the opening of Beauty and the Beast. What would that stained glass look like?

Day 23: Depict a fall/Halloween setting or design your own Halloween costume using only your favorite color and your least favorite color (This idea inspired by a suggestion from my friend, Dahlia!)

Day 24: Draw any Marvel/DC character and what their attempt at pumpkin carving might be! (This idea was inspired by my friend, Michaela Dietz!)

Day 25: Take any group of friends from any TV show/cartoon/film (or the Sanders gang or Sanders Sides) and reimagine them as Peanuts characters in the Halloween special! (This idea was suggested to me by my friend, Dalton!)

Day 26: Take a fave character from any work of fiction, or yourself, and create what the book cover they would be featured on if it was in the style of a Harry Potter novel (ie. “[Fave Character] and the …”)

Day 27: Christmas has Santa, Easter has the Easter Bunny. Excluding the Great Pumpkin, what does Halloween have? (This idea was suggested to me by my friend, Malinda Kathleen Reese!)

Day 28: A little venture into the world of Typography. Take any quote from a novel/film/series and write it out in a font of your choosing with an illustration around it that you think connects, OR create an image or scene using only the words from the quote.

Day 29: Reimagine your friends/family/pets as royalty. (This idea was suggested to me by my friend, Tammy!)

Day 30: Draw a character or characters from a show/book/movie of your choosing reenacting a vine meme.

Day 31: To close out this prompt list, I want to see your own creative take on a Happy Halloween message! It can be artwork of any form, costume, jack o’ lantern, or any other way of which you can think!

Taehyung: There is someone I love and their name has seven letters.

Namjoon: Aw, thank you, Taehyung.

Seokjin: Hyung loves you, too.

Bangtan: You know, you could love us as a whole.

Taehyung: *completely ignoring everyone* Yeontan, come to papa!