pets with my book,

So my cat Lydia likes paper right. If I open my mail on my bed, she’s right there, walking on it, listening to it crinkle under her toes, and then laying right down. Even if I leave paper on the floor, on carpet or tile or hardwood, she’s there, curling up, standing on it, happy as can be.

And like many of my fellow fanfiction addicts, I don’t read a lot of print books, but I recently borrowed a novel that sounded a m a z i n g and I wanted to get it back to my coworker on Monday. It was going pretty well Saturday afternoon until

Every time I put this book down, whether open or closed or page up or down, she was there. Happy as can be. And so freaking cute that I didn’t want to move her, which meant I was not going to finish it.

So finally, in protest and so I could actually finish this book, I gave her another one

I finished my book (White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi, highly recommend) but I left the decoy out.

She’s been sleeping on it every night. It’s been a week.

Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased. It is no small gift. It is not the least reason why we should honor as well as love the dog of our own life, and the dog down the street, and all the dogs not yet born. What would the world be like without music or rivers or the green and tender grass? What would this world be like without dogs?
—  Mary Oliver, “Dog Songs”

“Every step. Every curve into darkness. Every moment of despair and rage and pain. It had led him to precisely where he needed to be. Where he wanted to be.”
Sarah J. Maas, Tower of Dawn

more murphy siblings headcanons

specially for @sincerely-insanely-me 😘

  • connor and zoe were the same height for like, 10-11 years
  • they looked really similar as kids
  • so people often thought they were twins
  • which isn’t too far off cos they’re 11 months apart
  • connor still thinks it’s cool that they’re the same age for a month each year but ssshhh he’s not supposed to be mushy right?
  • when he hit his growth spurt he just went grew so fast his whole family was stunned
  • he gets the tall genes from larry
  • but larry had always been tall, even as a kid
  • zoe was now sore about being the shorter kid
  • but cynthia comforts her by saying that she’s the shortest in the family (since zoe is a couple inches taller than her)
  • which isn’t exactly the most comforting but zoe takes it anyway
  • and he looks really badass/scary but inside connor is just a teddy bear
  • but if you tell anyone that he’ll make sure you’re taken away quietly and disposed of
  • he loves to read
  • and his eyesight is really bad
  • because when he was young he spent too much time lying on his bed and reading
  • he wears contacts most of the time because he kept breaking his glasses getting into fights in middle-high school
  • also his hair is shoulder length and zoe is secretly jealous of it
  • but he lets her play with it all the time so it’s alright
  • he gets most of his haircare tips from her
  • she knows all the right products and how to style it
  • cynthia thinks he looks amazing with the long hair
  • larry still isn’t too sure what to think but he doesn’t hate it anymore
  • connor also has a dog
  • she’s a black labrador retriever
  • they got her when connor was 12
  • to teach him responsibility or something, according to larry
  • she’s not a certified therapy dog but she knows when connor is upset and always comforts him
  • her name is skywalker because the murphys are huge star wars fans you can fight me on this 
  • skywalker is connor’s best friend and follows him everywhere around the house

they’re kind of a hot mess because i was supposed to be writing my essay when i did this, but i hope you like them 😅

I told myself I would stop doodling these two on my breaks.

I have no self-restraint.

So here’s another small headcanon for you: I imagine that Cole is actually the one who has the hair skills and Mouse usually gives no cares about how messy his own hair is. But because Cole’s always getting dirty, all those showers make his hair reeeaaaally soft and Mouse likes to braid it for him~ @hootsweets

Again, would have sent this privately over but welp… I’m technologically challenged and still can’t figure it out. Yay~

I keep a handful of inspiring quotes above my desk to keep me writing, to encourage me to do everything I can every day to reach my dreams. Adding this advice from SJM to the wall. There will be hard days. There will be days when it feels like my dream is impossible to reach. But I won’t stop writing. I won’t let the dark thoughts drag me down. I will not stop dreaming. 

Don’t let the hard days win. 

Ballad Of An Introvert

There are so many moments that I can’t share with others.
There are so many feelings, familiar smells and unique colours
only I seem to feel, smell and see,
through which I feel like being me.

There are so many seconds that seem to last for hours,
there are so many thoughts that are only mine, not ours
and that I cherish like my new born child
and in my head they’re running wild.

There are so many winter nights I feel the warmth inside of me.
There are so many candles lit while I blow on my tea.
And when it is so silent, that I can hear my heartbeat,
I feel at ease and time just tastes so sweet.

There are so many fears, so many worries and much pain
that I can’t quite work out, can’t quite explain.
But all that is fine in the end, when I can just be with myself,
don’t ask if I’m alright alone, I know I won’t need someone else.

There are so many jokes and talks I have with only me.
This is a good thing in my eyes, liking yourself that is the key.
Sharing secrets with myself? I’m sure I won’t tell them.
Because I trust myself and forgive me for mistakes over and again.

There are so many beautiful things; if just a smile, that is enough
that make me happy to live to see them, even when my day is tough.
And I feel like an audience, the world is this small movie theatre
across the street where they have just the special films, which are all the greater.

And when I then come home, I change in my pyjamas,
cuddle my pets, hide in my bed where there is never drama.
My favourite books and TV shows, my music and delicious food
is all I need then for my heart to feel way more than good.


I’ve wanted to take a photo of this little guy for a while now. This is my hamster Neil. I got him a few months ago, and he reminded me so much of Neil Josten I couldn’t resist naming him that. He’s small, twitchy, runs really fast, and his slightly orange fur is totally in character. It took so many photo’s to get that some that weren’t super blurry, but I had to add one of him going fast too, cause he’s just so adorable. <3